Endangered species By: Will Canata

What is a Heelspliter

A Heelsplitter is a type of fresh water clam that is endangered in NC. It is also known as its scientific name Lasmigona decorata.

Why is it called the Heelspliter

This animal is called The Heelspliter because of its shape. the Heelspliter is very thin and the lateral teeth come together to form a very sharp point that can cut someones heel open.

Where is this animal found

The Heelspliter is found in shallow streams around North and South Carolina. There were once living in the Catawba River and Pee Dee River in North Carolina, and the Pee Dee and Savannah River of South Carolina. But these rivers are no longer populated with these animals. Now they live in smaller rivers and streams like Goose Creek and Flat Creek in the Pee Dee River system, Waxhaw Creek, Sixmile Creek, in the Catawba River system

What are they doing to protect this animal

The North Carolina Heelspliter is endangered because of its habitat range is decreasing, disease and predation. it also has a hard time repopulating because there are very few Heelspliters left in the wild so its hard to find a mate. We currently are trying to find sustainable habitats because the Catawba, Pee Dee, Saluda, and Savannah River systems are no longer suitable for the animal.