Blackberry Dazzle Smoothie!

Heaven in a cup

Best Smoothie in Town!

Are you looking for a delicious smoothie to dazzle your spirits? Well, this is the smoothie for you! It is not even 30 calories and is made using only fresh fruit and protein powder! Now, Do you want some deliciousness in a cup or what? By the way, this is a mixture. If you don't know what a mixture is, it is two or more materials mixed or stirred together. Do you want this delicious solution of a treat? Call now!


Is it healthy? I don't know!

You tell me. These are the ingredients:

*Natural Agave Syrup






*Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt(cold)

*1 spoonful of Almased protein powder

Blend in Vitamix blender.

Now do you think so?!?