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February 17

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I would like to start off with an announcement. Maia, our office manager, has accepted a new position as the Accountant Technician II with Fiscal Services. Her start date for this position will be March 1st. I would like to thank her for her service here at Steele Lane. Congratulations Maia!

I have been in many classrooms and conversations with staff this week. We are noticing some disengagement with our students. As a mom myself I can relate to the frustration and hardship on our families during these times. I am asking you at home for some help. If you can please encourage your students to fully participate in ZOOM room sessions as well as working on and completing their independent work. Your student can participate by unmuting themselves and answering or adding onto the classroom discussions, showing themselves on camera, and or participating appropriately in the chat. I encourage you to watch some of these classes or ask to see your student's work. Our teachers work very hard to have an agenda, office hours to ask extra questions, and are available to respond to e-mails, and Parent Square, or other forms of communication. We need your help to ensure the students at Steele Lane stay connected and on track with their learning.

With much gratitude,

Mrs. Williams

Scholars of the Week

We are so proud of our Scholars of the Week! Thank you for showing us what it looks like to be a student who shows great effort, problem-solving and is kind to other students and staff.


Luiya Habtay, Eliana Farwell,John Mwaura,Daniel Logan, Luis Santos Herrera,Eduardo Munoz Cortez,Hudson Pointer, Aliyah Cortes


Julieta Jiminez,Emily Navarrete Flores, Isaiah Norwood,Jared Galvan Nunez, Romina Sanchez,Giselle Rodriguez,Eliel Moreno,Isaiah Davis, Angie Sandoval Avelar,Angel Vazquez Rodriguez, Gael Abrica Ugarte,Jazlene Jiminez Lizeth Martinez,Karen Villafranco, Victoria Ramirez Cruz,Kamari Houston, Jazmin Ramirez,Marcus McClain,Jason Jimenez Mia Duque,Bella Espino, Alexa Salas,Luis Mancilla, Randy Villegas Hernandez,Araceli Vega,Jairo Andrade,Ernesto Ambriz Rojo,Alezander Ortiz, Montserrat Gomez,Brianna Moya,Ashley Nunez,Linda Vasquez


Abilene Arrellano,Emma Agudo, Abel Choez,Cai Avendano Lopez, Tyler Yun,Yahir Sandoval Perez,Tug (Matix) Harris,Jeremiah Walker,Camila Medrano,Ra’ad Pasha Jairo Andrade,Diego Valadez,Emma Agudo,Armani Avendano Lopez, Robert Blystone,Ivan Barrientos,Guadalupe (Lupe) Ojeda,Astryd Camarena, Skyler Olvera,Vanessa Mendez,Jessica Camarena,Brian Solano

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The Listening Tool

Dear Steele Lane Families,

This week we’ll focus on another Tool, the Listening Tool. The Listening Tool highlights the importance of accurately reading the signals and words of others, and paying attention to the information within us (what’s going on within me right now?) We listen “with our ears, our eyes, and our hearts.” With eyes on the speaker, body language may help us pick up what is unspoken. Remembering to use our heart allows us to notice what the other person is feeling and to emphasize with what we would feel if we stood in someone’s else’s shoes.

Listening actively means we are committed to really understanding what our child is trying to communicate—beneath the presenting words, tone of voice, volume, or behavior. When people are in a conflict, one of the most common statements made is that they don’t feel heard. When the Listening Tool is practiced, good will is fostered and understanding becomes easier.

Here are some suggestions:

· Remind family members to listen with their ears, eyes, and heart.

· During conflicts, listening is important. Listen to your body if you need to take a break, and then come back to talk about things.

· Work with your child to name the feelings beneath what they are saying. We can say, “I see that you are angry, are you also feeling hurt?”

· Understand that children are learning to express themselves with words, which takes time. Listening to them during this developmental stage of life helps to foster connection.

By practicing this Tool at home, you are helping your child to feel understood, validated, and heard. You are helping them become effective communicators and listeners.


Eduardo Oseguera

Elementary School Counselor, MS, PPS

Kindness Month!

Starting today is Kindness month! Please see the pictures below to see how you can participate. Your teacher can support you as well.

We need students enrolling at Steele Lane!

Thank you for those of you that have contacted our school about registering for Kindergarten or Kinder Academy. This is helpful for our planning for next year! Please continue to help us spread the word about Kindergarten registration. If you have or know someone who lives in our attendance area and has students that are kindergarten age please encourage them to register. This will help our school know more about how many students will be attending so we can staff our school appropriately. Here is the link with all of the information for registration. We look forward to adding your students to the Steele Lane Family!

Materials to pick-up

Some of the teachers may reach out to you to pick-up materials. Please park in the yellow loading area in front of the school and walk in the gate. Use hand sanitizer upon entry. One of our yard duty or office staff will be inside the main hallway to retrieve and place your materials on a table for you to gather. We are making this change for pick up to minimalize contacts and help stop the spread of COVID 19. If there is not a staff member at the door please call the mainline at 707 890-3945 so we can support you. You can come to pick up materials during office hours between 8 and 2:30 pm. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding with the update.

When you are on campus

As we welcome families/students to campus for our various material distribution, we'd like to remind you of a few health and safety protocols.

1. Please stay home if you or your student:

  • exhibit COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. fever of 100.4°F or higher, cough, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, etc.)
  • tested positive for COVID-19, and are within the 10-day isolation period
  • have had close contact (longer than 15 minutes) with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • live or cohabitate with a person who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19
  • traveled outside of the state (specifically to high-risk areas) within the past 14 days

2. While on campus, please respect social distancing of 6 feet and wear a mask at all times. We recommend sanitizing your hands prior to and after the event.

Nominate one of our Steele Lane Teachers!

Nominate a special public school or public charter school teacher in your life with the form below. Each month we’ll review the submissions and choose one teacher to honor, based on the number of individual nominations they receive as well as the quality of teaching described in the nominations (details about amazing teaching strategies, stories about how the teacher went above and beyond, etc.) The lucky teacher will receive a plaque in recognition of this award and $500 school supply gift card!

All you need to do is tell us who you think is the Teacher of the Month, right here...

Thank you Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Santa Rosa did a drive thought fundraiser for us earlier in the year. All of the prizes for Scholars of the Week and the Scholars of the Month have been purchased with that money! Thank You Dutch Bros!