Down Syndrome

Other names: Trisomy 21, 47,XX,+21, 47,XY,+21.

How is Down Syndrome Caused?

Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition, it is when a person has 47 chromosomes instead of 46 in each cell. It is caused by an error in cell division witch is otherwise called a nondisjunction. Instead of one #21 chromosome there is an extra copy of the chromosome.

About Down Syndrome:

Before a baby is born they have a test called a prenatally to see if a baby is developing or has Down's Syndrome. The two main test are called amniocentesis, and chorionic villus sampling. Anyone can be a candidate for the disease Down's Syndrome, it just depends on your genetics. There are approximately 6000 babies born in the US with Down's Syndrome, or 1 in every 691 births according to the Centers for disease control and prevention. There are many symptoms to see if someone has Down's Syndrome, they include flat facial features, small head/ears, short neck, bulging tongue, eyes that slant upward, oddly shaped ears, and poor muscle tone. Down's Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder because of the extra 21 chromosome. People with down's syndrome receive the proper care, normally when they are in school they have an aid that helps them, and at home their parents are there to help. But there is no standard treatment for Down's Syndrome, it depends on the individuals strengths and limitations. There is also no way to prevent this disorder, the only things women can do is have children before 35 because after 35 they have a higher risk of having a child with down's syndrome.

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The Future

In the future the child that is born with down's syndrome will need a lot of help, he will need extra care and always have an aid. Scientists have found a compound that does cure a mice with down's syndrome on the day of their birth. The scientists are making it their prime interest and notice it will not help people currently living with down's syndrome. If a mother with down's syndrome has a baby that baby will most likely have down's syndrome. It is a 35-50% chance.

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