By Lam Nguyen

Korean War

The Korean started on June 25, 1950. The person that lead the invasion into south Korea was General Chai Ung. North Korea took over capital of South Korea and thats when US got involve. After US and Korean troops took over Inchon, US forces got control of Seoul which play a huge roll in winning this war. UN forces also got involve and sided with South Korea and took over pyongyang and caused China to get involve. China attacked UN with 120k troops due to them siding with North Korea and that UN were too close to their territory/border. On July 27, 1953 an agreement was sign to divide Korea at the 38th parallel.

Communism In China

Communism began to spread in China when Mao zedong became a member of CCP and leader of the RED ARMY. Mao Zedong and his RED ARMY tried to escape Nationalists Party Leader Chiang Kai Shek this is now known as the Long March. Mao Zedong lost 93K troops during this long journey but gain many support that will help him in the revolution. In October 1st, 1949 Mao Zedong and his RED ARMY defeated naitionalists and gain control over China. In 1958 after Mao Zedong took over China he wanted to make China the most powerful Countiry. in order to do that he told amyn farmers to produce steel and work in factory but lack of farmer and droughts caused millions of Chinese people to die, this made many people to rethink about Mao Zedong ways this is known as the Great Leap. In 1966 Mao Zedong tried to revive the spirit of the communist revolution by banning self expression and religion. Cultural revolution to change China and block its citizen from any Western influence. THis and other event caused the mascre in Tiananmen square. students and citizens were killed in this protest.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War started in 1965, when US sent troops to Vietnam in retaliation of what happen in Gulf of Tonkin. Vietnam attacked US navy ships because of this and the fear of the domino affect. The US wanted south Vietnam to not fall under communism but that soon failed. US tried to destroy the Ho Chi Minh trail and fought back against the Vinton but their guerilla war tactic worked. US soon retreated due to massive deaths of American troops and disapproval of the war by American Citizens. The containment of communism in Vietnam failed but communism hasn't spread any further.

Did Containment Of Communism Work?

Containment of communism did indeed work because many countries stepped in to help. Korea war US, UN and South Korea fought China and North Korea, after the war communism did not spread to South Korea. Instead they split at the 30th parallel. In Vietnam War even though communism did spread to south Vietnam, it did not spread any further. So in conclusion containment of communism did work!