Enrichment Update

Week of January 11

This Week's Plan!


School Buzz-- 6th and 7th grades only

Future Cities-- 8th Grade


Life Chats and Poetry -- Academic Support (Lunch Optional)


Code breakers --6th Grade Academic Support

Model UN-- 7th and 8th grade MANDATORY


Movie Makers --Academic Support


Good Deed Club


The sixth grade Codebreakers have begun working on Cryptograms.

Here is an example of one that they are trying; anyone can give it a whirl!

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Life Chats and Poetry

In our first meeting, we discussed the big question "What is Life?"

When looking for life in space, we need to know how to define it.

How do we know that fire is not alive, or that a bacterium is?

Good Deed Club

We are planning a used sports equipment drive for two remote villages in Ghana: Abetifi-Kwahus and Yaw Tenkorang. Stay tuned for more information after our Friday meeting.

In the meanwhile, take a peek at one of the villages; fast forward to the end to see some of the children.

Adopt One Village - The Village of Yaw Tenkorang - Ghana - Phantom Quadcopter V3

Assorted Information!

Fantasy Geopolitics

If you signed up for Fantasy Geopolitics, check your email on Tuesday for Draft Information.

Model UN and Youth & Government

An exciting weekend is ahead for our Model UN students. They will be heading to Hershey Lodge with the YMCA program to represent Sweden, Angola, Fiji, Syria, Germany, North Korea and Mexico.

A week from Wednesday, we will be holding an information session for Youth and Government, the spring civics adventure.

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to everyone who turned up for the spelling bee!

Our school champion is Danielle Serrao and our runner-up is Brianna Taylor.

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Are you interested in taking part in Community Service Activities for MLK Junior Day?

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