4th Grade News 4/20/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information


Book Swap is Wednesday! Students can bring in up to three gently used books to swap with other students.

April 28th & 29th-Last round of PARCC testing

You are invited to drop by our Author Fair on Friday, May 1st! We will be set up in the gym for parents, grandparents and other friends to drop in and learn about authors. Feel free to drop by anytime between 8:30-9:20 on Friday, May 1st!

4H-May 12th

*All payments for our 4H field trip are due no later than May 1st. Please contact our counselor, Ms. Rider, with any questions or concerns about payments.

Fitness Frenzy-Week of May 18-22. 4th grade will have our Fitness Frenzy (Track & Field) event on Friday, May 22nd.

Mark your calendars! 4th Grade Graduation will be on Thursday, June 4th! More details will come later.

Math, Science, and Social Studies


Decimals-Last Wednesday and Thursday students began working on the Mid-Module Assessment for our decimal unit over Lessons 1-8. I was extremely pleased with the results. We had 44 A's and B's!! These test are graded and will be sent home Tuesday, once those who were absent have completed the test. We were able to review each skill prior to working each section to make sure all students were on target to show their learning. There will be no homework this week.

Geometry-This week we will be classifying triangles and quadrilaterals by parallel and perpendicular lines, angle measurement, and side lengths.

Science-Well, we tried not to blow out any bulbs this week in our study of series and parallel bulbs! Unsuccessfully, I might add. We have learned that batteries wired in a series circuit will add the voltage of each battery, getting brighter with each battery added. We also learned that batteries wired in a parallel circuit will not add any new voltage as batteries are added. This week, we will add a switch to our circuit and test insulators and conductors of electricity.

Reading, Writing and Word Study

Word Study: All spelling groups have new words this week. Green and Purple will test on Friday. Pink will keep their words for two weeks.

Reading: We will continue our class read aloud this week: Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.

Author Project: Students are working hard on their components for our Author Project! Several due dates are rapidly approaching. All students are signed up for a book talk. Their date is written in their agenda. All posters are due no later than Monday, April 27th. Students have the poster requirements in their folders today. These can be worked on at home and/or at school! All Book Projects (either the cereal box, shoebox diorama, character cards, or "What's in my Bag") are due no later than Thursday, April 30th. These can be worked on at home and/or at school!

There is NO fluency homework coming home for this week!

Writing: We will finish our biographical essay drafts, revise and edit, and write our final copies this week in class.