Barbacoa Para Cumpleaños

By: Maddie, Sydney, Shane, Sarah, & Sonia

Spanish Summary

Ésta es la fiesta de cumpleaños de mi hermana Mary Jane. Ella pega a la piñata. Mi mamá está trayendo la carne lista en el photo. Tambien, ella hizo el pastel y la pinata. Mi padre cocina la barbacoa que él creó y diseno. Mi abuelo está con un pala enchándole carbon de lena de mezquite. Bajo de el árbol son los jovencitos que está enamorados. Mi tío consuela a mi primo que está llorando y lo anima a que le pegue a la piñata. Mi abuela lleva en brazos a un bebé. Ella es una buena niñera.

English Summary

This is my sister's Mary Janes party. She is hitting the pinata. My mom is bringing the meat, and she made the cake. My father is cooking the barbeque which he created himself. My grandfather is shoveling the coals. Under the trees are a teenage couple in love. My great uncle is comforting my cousin who is crying, and encouraging him to hit the piñata. My grandmother is holding a baby. She is a good baby sitter.

About Carmen Lomas Garza

Carmen Lomas Garza was born in Kingsville,Texas in 1948, being one of five siblings. In Carmen's early teens Carmen knew how strong her passion for art was and she knew she wanted to be an artist. Garza was attending Texas Arts & Industry University (now Texas A & M) and
involved with the Mexican American Youth Organization, when she began to really get to focus and learn more about the philosophy of her art. Since then, Carmen has loved to express, in her art, Mexican-American communities, history and culture.