e-Portfolio Investigate

My technology design cycle report

Problem identifed

the problem that I identified is that students lose there work, don't have it, or forgot to bring it. This happens to me sometime sand is very annoying. E-portfolios can help societies to communicate.

For example students can communicate there work with there teacher and have a place to store all there work of the year. This is a solution that will be suitable for our purpose to access the work anytime anywhere and to show your progress in the year.

Design brief

I will make an e-portfolio that I will plan carefully, finding the best designs and evaluating every one of them. I will choose the very best and then plan how I will do it. Then I will actually make, the e-portfolio based on the criteria.


An e portfolio is a type of electronic portfolio. E portfolios is a web based management system, that is used to reflect your learning. It can be used to display information about units or just student work like: reflections,records,feedback

who uses e-portfolios and why

here are some reasons why people use e-portfolio...

  • Storage/access: e-portfolios can be stored digitally on a hard drive, server, or on a removable media. This takes up very little physical space and is easily assessable. They also hold a great deal of information.

  • Multimedia: once every thing is in place, user can easily add sounds, pictures, graphics or video to the electronic portfolio.

  • Computer skills: students can gain very good computer skills while creating and editing there e-portfolio

  • Assessment:e-portfolios demonstrate wider dimensions of learning since Pictures, Documents and etc. can be put on an e-portfolio to show evidence of learning

People use e-portfolios to store there work all in the same place and to be able to access it anytime and anywhere. Not only students use e-portfolios. Business people use it as well, since it can be made to suit any use.

different types of e-portfolios

there is some different types of e portfolio, all of them used for different purposes

  • developmental e-portfolios: shows the progress of students time. developmental e-portfolios can be used over a long period of time for both self-assessment and reflections. this is often used to communicate from student to teacher.

  • assessment e-portfolios: is usually used to show work from during a unit and to showcase to parents and teachers. This may often be used for evaluating the students performance

  • showcase e-portfolios: are used to display students work. It is used to show students skills. This is a good way to present students work because it will really show the quality of the work.

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Testing methods

I will test my product on 18th of September during class using the survey I created

The test group will consist of 6 people:
  • Joyce
  • Haroon
  • Max
  • Cheawon
  • Dara
  • Avril

The criteria is linked to design specification

Design specification

The product I will create must:

  • be free
  • electronic and accessible from any device that can be connected to the internet (tablet, smart phone, desktop computer and laptop)
  • be able to store work produced in all classes, i.e. a wide variety of files (images, text, video and sound)
  • contain sections for all MYP subjects, MIA and C&S
  • have a home page that explains both who the student is and an introduction and explanation of the e-portfolio, furthermore, there must be a photo of the student
  • have a good URL &/or Title
  • be professional and academic... not cute, funny, silly, etc
  • has a link to all subjects with a page about the subjects
  • has to be easy to understand not complicated and messy
  • make it organized