MHS/WES Newsletter

December 23, 2021

From the MHS and WES Offices

Thank you so much for all the gifts, treats, cards and well wishes! We hope you have a wonderful holiday break with your families! Happy Holidays!

Also from the MHS & WES offices

Please be sure to notify the offices if any of your contact information needs to be updated. Phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts etc. We want to be sure we can reach families when we need to!

Also, if you are picking up your children and you have a child at both schools, could you please write that on your note? Kids who have younger siblings at MHS are walked over from WES at the end of the day.

Thank you!


Mrs. Breen is looking for working or broken holiday lights for a 4th grade project. If you happen to have some, please send them in with your child and/or you can drop them off at either MHS or WES offices.

Also, it would be lovely to receive tubs of disinfectant, alcohol, or vinegar wipes.

Thank you,

Natalie Breen


In 5th grade, we have been engineering instrument inventions using recyclable materials. With the help of conductive tape and a device called a Makey Makey, we will be coding our instruments to play musical notes on the website

The students have been amazed with each step of this unit. In actuality, this lesson began when the students were in 4th grade, where they learned about circuitry. Back a year ago, they learned about how electricity worked by using small holiday lights and a battery to make series and parallel circuits on cardboard panels. Now fast forward to the present day, where they are using that knowledge to make a conductive instrument and using their coding skills to make our instrument invention run.

The students will be bringing home their creations in a few weeks, so make sure to ask them what they learned.


In 4th grade, the students have just begun learning the parts of a website. Headers, sidebars, blog posts, footers…? Web designers use a lot of lingo. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard to explain or remember the parts of a website once you understand the basic structure.

In this unit, the students will learn the basic structure of different websites and the philology of why they are designed in such a way. With this knowledge, the students will become better digital learners and web researchers for the future.


In 3rd grade, we have been learning about computer keyboarding. The students are learning typing skills so they can use the computer like a pro.

We have also just finished our “My Healthy Plate” unit. In this unit the students learned about visual design, shape insertion, theme selection, image selection, resizing, word art, and visual placement. Including, how to create multiple layered graphics and what a healthy plate should look like. Have your student log onto their Google Drive to see their amazing work.


In 2nd grade, we just finished our digital story sequencing project. During this project the students selected a pass event about either their family or a friend and recreated such an event in a digital format. We also used some important vocabulary words, such as “first”, “then”, and “later”. These projects were sent home last week. Use the printed QR code to view the entire project.

Next, we will be learning about frog’s life cycle, what type of environments frogs live in, and the anatomy and physiology of how frogs live. With this knowledge the students will create a poster and label them as such.


Over the past month 1st graders have been learning how to log onto our new Chromebooks, navigate through our Classlink applications, and learn how to access different online softwares, such as Wixie and Seesaw.

They have become proficient in so many different skills in such a short amount of time.

Next, we will be starting our trees and seasons unit, where we will learn about the change in seasons and why trees lose their leaves. We will be using the application to create an animation about what we learned.


Over the past month the kindergarten students have been learning how to log onto our new Chromebooks, navigate through our Classlink applications, and learned how to access different online softwares, such as Wixie and Seesaw.

Our next unit is learning the keyboard and typing skills, so we can work more efficiently and improve our English language skills working on these devices.

News from Fifth Grade:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Students are well into our new math program Bridges. One component is the monthly Number Corner. This month students have been identifying and classifying quadrilaterals. Once the daily quadrilateral is identified, students look for parallel lines and congruent or adjacent angles. We keep track of patterns and make predictions with upcoming shapes. January will bring us adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions and decimals.

Last month we completed a fifth grade tradition, the annual Turkey Caption Contest! Students created a caption and decorated their turkey picture in a funny and festive way to represent what a turkey might say near Thanksgiving. Our winner for this year’s “Flaming Gobbler Award” goes to Jackson from Mrs. Litalien’s class. His parody of Bob Ross’, “Happy Little Accidents” was a big hit!

A big step towards the fifth grade returning to Nature’s Classroom happened earlier this month. Our initial letter was sent home seeking how many students have an interest in going. This hasn’t happened in two years! Parents and students that have questions or concerns please contact your classroom teacher.

Have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends!

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Overall Winner-Jackson-5CL "Bob Ross"

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Greetings from the Purple Palette & Paintbrush:

After a LONG wait, we will finally be firing up the brand new kiln at WES! Our wonderful head custodian Steve Contois, had it all hooked up, assembled and ready to go in December of 2019. My intention was to have the first firing in March of 2020…but…Covid.

This has been so disappointing for everyone, especially the kiddos! So, our NEW “first firing” date is tentatively set for January 2022!!!!!! The entire month of January will be clay month! Each grade level from grades 2-5 will have a different project to work on. I’ve mentioned the plan to a few classes already and there were loud CHEERS!

This is very exciting and is a small glimmer of joy amidst this long pandemic. A huge THANK YOU to our gracious PTO for the purchase of this kiln a few years ago. Without their gift this would not have been possible.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ms. Banning

Westminster Youth Playhouse news!

We would like to bring back the Westminster Youth Playhouse after school club. Most likely there will be just one session for this year and hopefully back in full swing next year!

Look for an informational letter in January and registration following. Hoping for a February start date!!!!

Ms. Banning and Mrs. Breen

The activity announced below is not sponsored or endorsed by Ashburnham Regional School District. It is offered by a private agency

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