Digital Storytelling for the 21st Century Classroom

Overview of WeVideo

WeVideo is a web-based video editor that's easy to use and has a single sign-on that uses your Google Account. Teachers can create WeVideos to use in their specific content areas with their students in order to help provide opportunities to demonstrate understanding and improve critical thinking skills, questioning skills, and presentation soft skills—awareness of content, audience, and appearance; effective speaking skills; and nonverbal cues.

Teach your students to create amazing online videos using WeVideo and Google Apps for Education

Mr. Carson Uses WeVideo with His 7th Grade Science Class

Mr. Carson's students used WeVideo to demonstrate their knowledge of specific natural disasters by creating their own WeVideos on catastrophic events.

What's So Awesome About WeVideo???

  • Why I am learning another video editor?:

    • Web based - accessible from anywhere that users have internet access; doesn't require software installation or special devices

    • Ease of use

    • Single sign-on through Google account

    • Publishes to Google drive (as an .mp4 file)

  • Can be a means of:

    • demonstrating knowledge regarding concepts about which teachers have required students to think critically and question.

    • presentation that maximizes class time in a way that is not always possible with live presentations (e.g. brutal enforcement of time restraints & economy of language to avoid dragging on)

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