Administrator Update

November 23

Upcoming PD - Attendance Training for Admin

Attendance Training!!! Be there!

We have had several sessions. Some of you have not been able to attend. These have been added and your principals are aware!

Contact Brenda Richmond if you have any questions.

Wednesday, December 2: 2:00 - 3:30 PM Skyline 300

Thursday, December 3: 9:00 - 10:30 AM Skyline 260

To register, click on the link, enter you name, and select the button for the desired section:

Missed Edgenuity Training???

That's OK! Went well today at Akins. GO ELA Eagles! They had 24 attendees!!! Other represented were Vikings and JAGS!

We are providing a Dec. 16 training from 1:30 - 4:30 for the GPA campuses. If you are interested in sending some folks, email me:

We are covering subs. Upcoming dates for training: January 21 and 22, along with dates in February TBA. We are looking for venues and heavy campus interest. I will be reaching out, but heavy consideration for campuses that email/text/contact me first!
Jen Mendez
512-414-9615, 512-818-5646

What's Edgenuity?

We have a full-blown license for all high schools. There is TSI, ACT, SAT test prep. A ridiculous amount of curriculum aligned with state TEKS is also available. It is a great way to use for redemption, recovery, and small group instruction. Several campuses have great usage. If you have good or bad to say, let me know. We are working closely with the company to ensure campuses have what they need! Complements Delta well.

ACCUPLACER - What is it? What does it look like?

Click on the link to review a brief description and sample questions.

Discipline Brief - UH - OH

Our target for discretionary Removals this 6 week is 5.
Where do we stand??? We are at 4. :(

Need Data???

You can submit data request tickets. These only work within the network, http://misrequest/MIS/Request.nsf

Campus Corner

Thank you Akins for being such wonderful hosts! Sarah Simmons and College and Career Center is a welcoming, and WARM (LOL) place. Those that attending know the joke behind it! Again, many thanks!

GOOGLE Drive - Be sure to Accept Google Drive Invite FIRST! Sent you email

Any time I include a link for a document, I will place it in this Google Folder. It is a public folder. FYI

This Week and Upcoming



  • 9 am: Grandparent and Guardians Support Group Meeting: Covington Middle School
  • 6:15 pm: Austin High Bands perform: AHS PAC


  • 9 am to 12: UE 2 Team Meetings: Palmer Events Center



  • 9 am - 11: Vertical Team Leaders' Meeting: Austin High


  • All Day: Urban Roots Youth Food Jam: Garza High School
  • 9 - 12: Middle School Showcase: Fulmore Middle School

Upcoming Dates:

* Hour of Code: NEXT Week

* 12/9: Principal's Meeting: UT Club

*January 9: High School Showcase - Location Palmer Event Center