James Bradley


Flyboys is about the men who were pilots in WWII. The book talks about the lives they lived on Chi Chi Jima and some of the struggles they faced in the Philippians. The author also included some stories from the families about memories of their loved ones.


The purpose the author had fro writing this book would be to inform people about the men who risked their lives to save this country during WWII. "The key in victory lies in the faith of victory." (99). War is very much inevitable and he goes to explain what the men went through during the war and the hardships they faced.

Concepts and Princles

A. Struggle-Many of the soldiers struggled to stay alive and many of the loved ones of the soldiers had to struggle with the lose of losing their soldier.

B. Trust- The men who flew in the planes had to trust one another when they were in the air to have each other's back and protect them from the enemy.

C. War is inevitable- The Japanese, in the beginning, had said that they wanted to avoid war as much as possible, but that ended up not being the case when they bombed Pearl Harbor.

Impressing Section

Page 161-162 has a story from Gloria, Jimmy's childhood romance. She goes on to tell about how she will never forget him and that really shows how no matter how old you are you will always remember the people have touched your life, one way or another.


I would rate this book a 4 because the author used real stories from actual families of the Flyboys and the explanation of their lives was easy to understand. He brought up the hardships, like the lack of food when they were in Chi Chi Jima and the struggle to stay alive.
  • Page 47- I chose this passage because it explained how poorly the B-52's were made and because they had to be made so quickly, they would miss their targets.
  • Page 251 This passage mad me really think about the women who were affected by the men leaving for war.

Something that surprised me!

Something surprised me about this book was the amount of schooling the japanese chlidren had to go through and it wasn't typical school. They had to learn everything abput war.