5 Tips for the New Laptop

Your New Active Directory Machine

Install Software with the Microsoft System Center 2012

One of the new features is the Software Center/Application Catalog. This is the central hub for adding software to your device. Some items are already loaded on your laptop for instance, Mainframe, Google Chrome, Kidspiration to name a few. These can be accessed through the start menu.

Gone are the days of downloading anything to your device without proper licensing. To protect you and the district from licensing issues, you will need to visit the Software Center/Application Catalog. The software center contains the software titles that already exist on your machine. You just need to install them. Titles in the Application Center exist online and you need to be connected to the internet to download and install. In the Software Center, you can see what software is available to install, the Installation Status, your Installed Software and Configuring Options.

Some software titles are not compatible with Windows 7 and therefore you will not be able to install them on your laptop. You can find a list of compatible software by clicking the following link... Compatible Software.

To learn how to download software, click here.

  • Please install Mainframe and Juniper from the Application Catalog.

Power Options

Are a few helpful tips to adjust Power Options:

  • Adjust Brightness, turning off display and closing lid Watch video
  • Adjust what the laptop does when you close the lid Watch video

Projecting the Laptop

When you are projecting your laptop:

Active Directory Shared Network Drives

Logging in at the Window 7 screen with your network credentials simultaneously logs you into Active Directory.

In order to find all of your data, you will click on the Start Menu Button and navigate to Computer. You will see your Home (personal) drive, Teacher Shared, Student Shared and a Student drive. The Student drive give you the ability to see student personal drives as well for assignments and grading.

To show the Computer icon on the desktop, click the Start button and right click on Computer and choose "Show on Desktop".

Changing Your Password

If you would like to change your password, please click here. If you are having issues changing your password, please contact the Help Desk.