Cierra Beers


I agree with homework policies because homework helps kids understand what they have learned. However, I do not agree with the things that put a distraction on homework.
Homework allows students to understand what was taught to them. The homework that is assigned to students is normally a review of what the teacher had taught that day and what needs to be learned. Homework overall helps you understand everything that was in that lesson.
Teachers assign a certain worksheet or page for their students to do that normally goes with the lesson that has been taught that day or throughout the school year. The homework helps review and teach the students more over that lesson or assignment.
Group work can come in handy when something is very complicated. Group work can help a student or multiple students when they are lost of confused on a problem or the lesson. If one student gets it and the other doe not, then it can help make the students better understand the problems and work.
While homework helps you learn, phones can be a distraction in that process. Students like to get on their phones and catch up on text or social media that they have not been able to see because they are at school. When they have free time, they lean towards their phones causing a distraction.
As well as phones, computers become a distraction. Many schools are turning towards laptops and ipads. These devices can easily lean towards distractions. The students can easily turn the page to a game or something that can distract them from the work that is assigned to them.
As google is a good research device to use, it also is an easy way for students to get answers and not do it themselves. Google can come in handy when students can not find the answers needed. They turn to google to get them by with the answers which doesn't make them learn anything.
If google and other research tools can not help a student figure out what they need, then there is something that can help them with their homework. Ask Rose is a learning device that is like a tutor. They help you with problems that you don't know how to do or things that you don't understand.
There is one last thing that can and does cause a distraction. Clocks cause students to pack up their things to leave class. Some students will look at the clock and see that their are five minutes left of class and will end what they are doing and pack their things up and line up at the door with time left to continue to work.
All in all, homework is a very important thing in school. It helps the student focus on what needs to be learned for a certain lesson or class. The homework will help better put things in your head that is needed to be able to pass a class or to graduate.