The New Deal

Nate Mack

What Was It?

It was a plan created by president Roosevelt to help the economy.The New Deal was made in hopes to create millions of jobs and sponsored public works projects everywhere. Federal protection of bank deposits ended the dangerous trend of bank runs. Abuse of the stock market was more clearly defined and monitored to prevent collapses in the future. The Social Security system was modified and expanded to remain one of the most popular government programs for the remainder of the century. Also it wanted to make government more power full and more widespread. it did have one over all main goal and that was to cure the country from depression.

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Laborers benefited from protections as witnessed by the emergence of a new powerful union, the congress of industrial organizations. African Americans and women received limited advances by the legislative programs. All over Europe, fascist governments were on the rise, but Roosevelt steered America along a safe path when economic spirits were at an all-time low.


The New Deal failed to achieve its main goal of ending the Depression. In 1939, the unemployment rate was still 19 percent, and it did not reach pre-Depression levels untill 1943. The massive spending brought by the American entry to the Second World War ultimately cured the nation's economic problems.