Pizza Place

By: Kylie Tucker and Reilly Martyn

Six Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas- We decided to develop our business because we got together one night and we ordered a pizza. We forgot how much fun it was as a kid to order pizza at sleepovers and parties. We also remembered how much we loved to make our own pizza masterpieces. We researched the market for competition online.

2. Raising Capital- We created our business with our own money and loans from the bank. We also had a little help from each of our families. Most of our money towards the Pizza Place came from our own pockets and bank accounts.

3. Employee and Training- The Pizza Place is a family owned business. We only hire family and close friends. To qualify as a good employee you have to go through a 3 week "boot camp" where we teach you the rules and regulations of our business. You will memorize the menu and go through a health course where you prove you know the health and sanitary requirements. Also at the "boot camp" you will learn the recipes and each and every way that we hand make everything on our menu. Our employees have to be family or friends to one of our owners, you have to have a clean criminal record and be a friendly person.

4. Buying Goods and Services- We will get mass orders of cleaning supplies and utensils from Sams Club. We will order the materials and ingredients for our menu recipes from nearby businesses and occasionally get food supplies from Sams Club.

5. Marketing Goods and Services- We will market the Pizza Place by putting ads in Magazines, articles in the Newspaper, and adding our number to the phone book. We will also be using Twitter and Facebook for advertising as well.

6. Maintaining Business Records- We will track our records digitally over the internet. We will keep our business records and customer records in a safe spot so that no one will steal information of our business or our customers.

Business Entity

We will have a Partnership at our family owned business because we have two owners. We are equally and personally liable for the debts of the Pizza Place.

Some advantages of having a Partnership include:

  1. Two people contributing to the investment
  2. You can get expertise from more than one person
  3. Each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners
Some disadvantages of having a Partnership include:

  1. Having no protection for personal assets
  2. If a partner leaves or dies, the partnership is dissolved.

Business Goals

  1. Make sure we have the most friendly employees in town.
  2. Keep our business small and a family business.
  3. Improve working efficiency by cutting down overtime by 50% by replacing overtime work with training programs for employees.
  4. We can increase our profits by buying the same product and getting deals so we can get them for a cheaper price from our local food suppliers.
  5. Make it a priority to have the Pizza Place be open to any kind or type of customer that enters our restaurant.

Mission Statement

To ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service.

Business Video Commercial

Webcam video from November 17, 2014 12:47 PM

Organizational Chart

Come to the Pizza Place where you can have fun, take goofy pictures, and enjoy a nice meal!