#7 Choral Reading

Reading with expression and fluency

What is Choral Reading

Choral reading is a strategy to increase readers expression and fluency. This is a shared experience and with practice it increases fluency which then helps students understand what their reading. It is also a time where less confident students are able to participate without embarrassment.

Instructional Steps

1- Select Poem or text

2- Arrange text based on what technique you are using

3- Rehearse the poem. Read the poem once to go over structure confusion or difficult words.

4- Read the poem out load. Teacher should make sure they are pronouncing words correctly and reading with expression and fluency.

English Language Learners

Choral reading is a great tool for english language learners because they are able to practice reading out load in a non threatening setting. They hear the pronunciation from classmates as they follow along with the text in front of them. It is not only visual but auditory as well.

Example Poem

The Family of the Sun

The family of the Sun,
The family of the Sun,
Here are nine planets in
The family of the Sun.

Mercury is hot
And Mercury is small.
Mercury has no atmosphere.
It's just a rocky ball.

The family of the Sun,
The family of the Sun,
Here's another planet in
The family of the Sun.

Venus has thick clouds
That hide what is below
The air is foul, the ground is hot,
It rotates very slow.

(Repeat Refrain)

We love the Earth, our home,
Its oceans and its trees.
We eat its food, we breathe its air,
So no pollution, please.

(Repeat Refrain)

Mars is very red.
It's also dry and cold
Some day you might visit Mars
If you are really bold.

(Repeat Refrain)

Great Jupiter is big.
We've studies it a lot.
We found that it has 16 moons
And a big red spot.

(Repeat Refrain)

Saturn has great rings.
We wondered what they were.
Now we know they're icy rocks
Which we saw as a blur.

The family of the Sun,
The family of the Sun,
Here are two more planets in
The family of the Sun.

Uranus and Neptune
We don't know much about
Maybe you will study them
And then we'll all find out.

(Repeat Refrain)

Pluto's last in line.
It's farthest from the Sun.*
It's small and cold and icy too.
To land there won't bw fun.

The family of the Sun,
The family of the Sun,
There are nine planets and
Now our journey's done.

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