KP Monday Memo

September 26 - Week 5

Key Information (the Nuts and Bolts)

Looking Ahead


  • 26th - Open House for grade 8
  • 27th - PLEC & Middle School Department Meeting
  • 28th - CSI - Building


  • 1st - Park Road Parade
  • 3rd - NO SCHOOL in observance of the 1st day of Rosh Hashanah
  • 4th - Faculty Meeting - No After school Activities -TEVAL focus on goals and PLOs
  • 6th - School Pictures
  • 10th - Columbus Day - School and offices closed
  • 11th - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Inservice Day (Department Driven)
  • 12th - NO SCHOOL in observance of Yom Kippur
  • 14th - School Fundraising Assemblies --Help support KP

Please see school calendar for upcoming field trips.


All students MUST report to their learning labs to sign out prior to going to any destination. This will assure the fidelity, the safety and the whereabouts of all students during learning lab.

On Monday, an Administrator will make an announcement explaining this change to students.

PPT's and 504 Meetings - When you get an invitation

Reminder: Deanna sends an invitation to staff if the person requesting the PPT has put down your name to be invited. Please let her know, in advance, if you need coverage. You can do this when you accept the invitation, however, an email would also be beneficial. As the year progresses, TA availability becomes limited. Thanks for your help.

Handbook Highlight

Welcome to the Faculty "Handbook Highlights" section of the Monday Memo. Each week there will be valuable information on things you may not know or already know. We welcome any suggestions or subjects you may want to cover at any time. So, the first "Highlight" will be on Field Trips.

Reminders for the Field Trip Coordinators:

· The field trip proposal and transportation form must be turned in together for approval.

· Once the trip has been approved, you will receive a list to log payments. This list must be turned in to the office 2 days prior to the field trip date.

· The activity account needs to be specified with your team’s name noted.

· Check requests for admission fees need to be submitted the day before the event.

· IMPORTANT – A draft of the permission slip must be submitted to the Administrative Assistant for proofing prior to copying. Once the permission slip is copied, one copy must be turned into the Administrative Assistant to be kept on file.

· On the day of the field trip, a list of any students staying back must be provided to the Administrative Assistant.

· Any communications by parent/guardian to teachers regarding absence/early pickup from field trip location must be provided to the Administrative Assistant.

EVERY TRIP NEEDS A SLIP – Whenever students leave the school building for a trip of any kind, a permission slip signed by parent or guardian is required. This applies to walking trips as well as to trips by bus.

The admin team visited 28 classrooms last week

During our classroom visits we noticed:

  • 6th grade students practicing their descriptive writing skills using a model of student writing and real life objects.
  • Students increasing their norepinephrine and endorphins and synaptic plasticity though early morning exercise.
  • 8th grade social studies students engaged in deep thinking as they collaborated to create critical questions.
  • Teams celebrating students for living out our school values.
  • 8th grade social studies students identifying the causes and effects of the French and Indian War
  • 7th grade PE students focusing on constructive feedback as they played a game.
  • 7th Grade ELA students sharing their knowledge of theme as they prepare to delve into short stories.
  • Students in 6th grade PE using cross-disciplinary skills (multistep equations) to determine how to complete their warm-up.
  • Students in 6th grade PE provided with choice regarding whether to run the mile again to try to set a faster time.
  • Students in 7th grade health demonstrating understanding of conflict resolution through discussion.
  • Students taking pride and following directions when using machinery to cut wood for the first time

    Students utilizing the homework with the support and encouragement from teachers, parents and caregivers.

  • Students identifying and supporting whether or not the rhythm or movement of a poem helps convey a message to the reader.

  • Garnet and Emerald students enjoying and participating in cross teaming in the large cafe and Amethyst cross teaming with students on the patio.

  • Students taking pride in wearing their new Chinese shirts

  • When students are given a choice of difficulty in playing chords for the first time opting for the most challenging ones to play first

  • Students in 8th grade health working on a long-term, authentic project.

Staying in the Know and Connected (Big Rock 3)

Team Leader (TL) Meeting Minutes for 9/22/2016

These are minutes from our full team leader meeting. While TLs return and share information with teams, we share these for those who may have been absent and for those who are not able to attend team meetings due to their teaching schedule.



Please consider contributing to CHEER this year ($30 full time/$20 part time). Checks or cash may be placed in Gina Pudlo's box. Thank you.


Susanne shared the 16-17 KP NEWS SHARED Google file. Lots of valuable information at your fingertips! If you would like something added, please send Susanne an email.

The KP Family Connection -- For those who want to see what families see

Big Rock: Staff Wellness


  • Kim Harrell from colleague Ashley Carlson for meeting w/ a team regarding a student she had last year. Her compassion and connection to students is evident in her work and so appreciated.
  • Monique Heavren from colleague Marc Kotler for helping to restore the confidence of a reluctant math student by providing extra help and extra encouragement.
  • Mei-Ling Caldera from colleague Donna Burton for always taking time out of her busy schedule to educate me on anything computer!! Whether it be my questions on Google classroom, or putting pics into our Diamond Team slide show, or a quick question of how do you???Thanks from Donna

  • Annmarie Neptin from colleague Susanne for tracking down phone numbers for me for the fanout. Thanks Annmarie!

  • Marilyn Clarke, Nathan Tyler, Doreen Oshinskie and Kerri-Ann Cassells from colleague Susanne for doing so much to help the office staff the past couple of weeks.

  • Anna Amora from colleagues Marc & Susanne for stepping up to the plate and accommodating our many changes for Open House.

  • Parents Annie Keith, Sophia Walker, Kennan Poulakos, Maribeth Navin and Jennifer Rossi from Joy Wright. Thank you for telling our staff how they matter. They truly appreciated it.

  • Karen Walsh and Erin Rauseo from colleague Nancy Salvatore for all their help with the Riverfront Adventure trip.

  • Eleanor Riker from colleague Danielle Drozd for noticing that I was overwhelmed with paperwork and taking the initiative to organize our team binder and my own Morning Advisory Binder. Thanks for taking that off my plate!

Passing of the Big Rocks for the week of 9-13-9-20

As a community, we want to recognize the ways our colleagues live out our Big Rocks. Each person who receives the assigned rock is asked not only to showcase it, but also to observe your colleagues to see who is living out the tenents of the big rock that week. At the end of the week (on Tuesday morning) please share with Susanne (and Joy) who you are passing it on to so that we can share it out. With about 34 full weeks and 3 people being recognized per week, we have the opportunity to pass the rocks to 102 different colleagues this year.

Community Engagement was passed to Marty Keena from colleague Shoshana LaPointe. Every fall, Marty organizes King Philip's participation in the Park Road Parade. He encourages the faculty and staff to join him on a Saturday morning to walk in the parade. It is a great opportunity for students and their families to see teachers outside of school. Thank you for organizing this fun event!

Student Success was passed to Jessica Kerelejza from colleague Eric Fisher. Jess continues to establish rapport, build trust, and build and maintain positive working relationships with the many of our most challenging students. Jess... You rock!

Staff Wellness was passed to Laura Wilson from colleague Rebecca Lewis because she does a great job of getting us to stay in the moment prior to any CSI or faculty meeting. Laura reminds us to have mindfulness. I really appreciate the few moments we get at the beginning of each meeting when Laura talks us through centering ourselves to be prepared for what is next and be more aware of how we are feeling.

MA Resource on Character Education

Let It Ripple’s mission is to use film, technology, discussion materials, and live and virtual events to engage people in conversation and action around complicated subjects shaping our lives, using an engaging, accessible, 21st century lens.

Lessons from a Public School turnaround - Power of Relationships (5 min)

Lessons from a Public School Turnaround

Because we need to laugh!

A translator for report card comments?

Google Teacher Translate.....
Real World Presidential Debates...

Fun updates via Remind -- Allows me to use a tech tool and you to explore one from the "student" end

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