Tech. Talks

Voluntary ICT CPD for Professionals

Monday 19th August, 2013 3.30-4.15


Before you come to Tech. Talk, why not stop at the Hub and grab a quick bite to eat.

3:30 - 3:50 - Notability App

3:50 - 4:15 - Pinterest App

Check out below to find out more about the apps.

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This is the note taking app. to end all note taking apps. Mr. Wakefield will take us on an exciting journey into the modern world of taking notes on iPads. This revolutionizes both how you learn and how students can take notes in your class. Amazing App, and a must see presentation.

Intro to Notability


Are you stuck for ideas to use in your teaching? Then Pinterest is for you. Pinterest is an online noticeboard where you can find, pin and share your ideas. It doesn't necessarily have to do with teaching, you can create a pinboard on anything you are passionate about. Come and listen to a few of our talented teachers to share how they use it.

What is Pinterest? An animated video.