Audience Etiquette

By: Simone David

The importance of audience ettiquette

It is important to know proper audience etiquette because not knowing, can ruin everyone else's time at the theater and actually distract and endanger actors, so you'll probably be kicked out. Plus many audience etiquette rules apply in other scenarios too! So it is very important to learn and remember the rules of audience etiquette!

How to behave at the Movies

Movie Theater Etiquette

Rules of being a good audience

1. No Flash

The bright light on your cameras can blind the performers which can lead to severe injuries

2. Arrive early

Nothing is more annoying than a late comer. Always come 30 minutes before your show starts to avoid chaos!

3. Always leave cleaner than you've found the area

Don't make an unnecessary mess, it's just not fair to the custodians

4. No talking

Don't you just hate it when somebody talks when you're tring to listen to a show. Well, so does everybody else so please, keep the noise you make to a minimum

5. No Electronics

No phones, computers, tablets, nooks, pods, robots, etc. If it flashes, buzz, or beep, you can't have it!