GMOs are good

Genetically Modified Organisms helping our earth

Benefits for the people

  • Many health benefits
  • Genetically modified food it safer to eat because they have been protected from many pests and things that can be harmful to humans from nature
  • Less use of herbicides and pesticides that could be harmful
  • Food is more nutritious and less unhealthy
  • Food has a longer shelf life: people don't have to throw away that much rotted food and buy more often which in turn saves money
  • Creates jobs for people
  • Feeds hungry people in many developing countries
  • Less people are starving because of GMOs

benefits for farmers

  • They would ave money on buy multiple pesticides that they would have to buy for non GMOs which would not be resistant to pests
  • They would save time on spraying pest and weed killers
  • Frost resistant crops would not frost during a sudden frost which would normally cause young plants to die creating a major loss for the the farmers
  • Can triple crop yields without increasing farmland

benefits for environment

  • Helps prevent soil erosion
  • Less harmful chemicals sprayed on crops