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Opening Letter

Dear Reader,

This is a writing piece comprised of stories, ideals, and experiences being apart of the FIRST community. FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology, is a program that promotes the STEM fields in kids from grades K-12. I’m in the highest level if FIRST, FRC, First Robotics Competition. Every year thousands of students come together from all 50 states and internationally from more than 15 countries to compete in a sports like even buy building a 100 pound robot. Currently this is the beginning of my 3rd year being on a robotics team. Throughout the years I’ve learned so much and grew as a person more than I could have ever imagined. Now, I am going to share these amazing experiences with you!

Gracious Professionalism

Core of FIRST Values

Fierce competition along

with mutual gain

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Life at Competitions

This collage is about the fun festivities teams encounter competing not only at a regional level, but the national level.

Center: These are pictures we got from our experiences on Team 435, The Robodogs, in our first year of high school.

Top Left: An example of the crazy get up students wear all weekend, colorful, and there, normal

Top Middle: This is a necklace from team Yeti (we lovee yetiii!!!). Just one of the many things various teams will give out

Top Right: This is the St. Louis arch we saw while at the National Championships

Bottom Left: A wide shot of the arena teams played at for the final matches

Bottom Middle: A picture with R2-D2, just one of the amazing things you can see in the team pits

Bottom Right: Even parents have to join in on the popular wig wearing!

Top 10 Reasons to be in FIRST

10- 88% of FRC students go to college vs, the national average of 53%

9- Students are seven times more likely to major in engineerings

8- There are 19 million dollars in scholarship opportunities

7- Learn about sportsmanship

6- Develop problem solving skills

5- Work on your teamwork with peers

4- Hangout with your friends after school

3- What’s better than hanging out with your friends? Making new friends on competition

2- Hands on experience designing, building, and testing a product

1- The FUN. What nerd doesn’t want to code, wire, work with power tools and build a working robot?

Adventures at St. Louis

In the 2013 build season, while on the Robodogs, our team won the North Carolina Regionals. Undefeated: 15-0. Winning first place gave us the opportunity to go to the Championships in St. Louis and we decided to do it. We drove to Missouri on a tour bus with another team for hours to get there. The event is held in an enormous building, a combination of a sports stadium, where the actual competition was being held, and a convention center, where the team’s pits were. My most memorable story from Nationals happened after the first day was coming to a close. So far from North Carolina, we couldn’t just go home and come back the next day, hence, we stayed at a hotel 10 minutes from the building. Everyone is assigned to rooms, 2-3 people in each. I stayed with my fun robotics “dad,” Alex, and my friend Leo. All the kids are supposed to go to bed at lights out, which was around 10:00. People are in the hallways walking around before its time to go to sleep, and the leads are having a meeting in another room about tomorrow’s games. When its time, my room doesn’t want to rest. All of a sudden, we get a Skype call from Felix and Jackson, the craziest, most fun person on the entire team. We talk for a minute, and they say “we’re gonna come over.” We all know if we get caught, we’re in trouble. After a couple seconds I hear a knock on the door. My “dad” goes to open it, and out of everyone’s mouth is a whispered “heyyyy.” In the room are two twin beds and we start jumping all over them, up and down, and across the two. While jumping around, Felix’s foot was standing at the edge of the bed and sunk in, moving forward, Felix’s entire body does a full 180 and he slams into the ground. After a second of silence, the entire room bursts out laughing. Later, after hanging out for a bit, Felix decides its getting late, he’s going to head back to his room. Leo decided it was time for bed too, but Jackson wanted to stay a little longer. Its been a while, and suddenly we hear the door handle moving. With a flash Jackson runs into the bathroom. The door opens and its the lead mentor, Mr. Kemp, a stern and straight-laced guy. The room in complete silence, he turns his head 90 degrees, looks down at Leo sleeping on the couch, and looks directly back at us. Without saying a word he walks into the room and looks behind the bed, then opens the bathroom door. Out comes a silent “Hey” comes from Jackson. “Go in the hallway” Kemp says to him sternly. In an angered voice he says to me and Alex “Go to bed, NOW.” We could only wait to hear of the talk he gave Jackson in the hallway the next day.
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I walk in the room


Attacked by two

I send them in other directions

To find their own tasks

As I sit down

Five more

What do we do?!

What do we do?!

What do we do?!

I give them their job

Their purpose for being here today


The Boss

“Here” he says

“Ten more jobs”

I pick up my hand

To begin the difficult journey ahead

Pulled, tugged, taken in another direction

Three more

What do we do?!

What do we do?!

What do we do?!

I found what we were looking for

Sit back down

After 10 minutes of helping


“Can You”

“Do you know”

“Where can I”

30 minutes

Tracking down the task

Running around



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I chose to use this picture under the collage piece because it has to do with the fun of the robotics experience, that it can not only be enjoyable but an educating process for students and mentors alike.

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These quotes about the stem field are not only true for many, but really reflect the ideas of FIRST and what its like to live and learn in life.

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Sometimes mistakes can lead you in the right direction, even if they weren’t where you thought you were going. Making a mistake is not a failure, not getting back up is.