Westward Expansion Project

Alex Estrada 6th

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is to over spread and conquer.

President Polk sized the population.He got to acquire Texas

The innovations that cause settlers to travel west was faster products and economic products.

Territorial Aquisitions

How did we acquire this lands?

Written treaty?

Reasons for Purchase? War?

Louisiana Purchase- Thomas Jefferson (3rd President) purchased the Louisiana territory from France in 1803. The Louisiana purchase gave U.S. full access to the Mississippi River and port of New Orleans

Florida- President James Monroe, the 5th president, purchased Florida from Spain in 1819. Florida was given to the United States under the Adamonis Treaty

Texas Annexation- Texas gained its independence from Mexico in 1835. The United States annexed (added) Texas that was independent of 10 years. The annexation (addition) of Texas upset Mexico. Annexation of Texas led to the U.S.-Mexico war

Oregon Territory- Oregon was acquired from Great Britain in 1846 under the Oregon Treaty. The Oregon Territory makes up the Pacific Northwest. Both the U.S. and Great Britain Claimed the area for many years

Mexican Cession- President Polk declared war on Mexico over the dispute of Texas border. The Mexican Cession was acquired from Mexico after the U.S.-Mexico war. Mexico had to give up this vast (large) area under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the war.

Gadsden Purchase-The Gadsden Purchase was bought from Mexico for $10 million under the Gadsden Treaty of 1853

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Settlers in the West

The settlers that traveled west where the Mormons, 49ers, and the Missionaries.

People traveled West because they had hope that they could find gold, practice their religion and teach their religion.

Settlers had to cross the Rock Mountains, they had to avoid becoming trapped in the Rockies during the winter,and escape religious persecution.

Oregon Trail- The Oregon Trail led to Oregon Country. The Mormons where looking to convert Native Americans of the area to Christianity.

California Trail-The California Trail led settlers to California. Many settlers where attracted to California because they hoped to find gold.

Mormon Trail- The Mormon Trail led to Salt Lake City, Utah. Settlers that headed to Salt Lake City where hoping to practice the Mormon religion freely.

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U.S. Mexican War

Mexico did not accept the loss of Texas and refused to honor its independence or annexation to the United States. Mexico believed that the United States ad stolen Texas and the idea of giving up more land to the United States was unthinkable.President Polk wanted a excuse to go to war against Mexico because they did not meat up with him so he could've have bought California and New Mexico.Under the Treaty of of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico had to cede (give up) more than half of its territory.The Mexican Cession includes the present-day states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.
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Gold Rush

The first mineral to be spotted was gold. California was the one that started the Gold Rush.People that traveled to California are called 49ers. By 1849, tens of thousands of gold seekers from around the world had joined California. The population in California grew fast. About 250,000 people flooded into California. For California's indians, the legacy of this invasion was dreadful. Warfare and disease lost their land to the newcomers. These new Californians helped to transform the Golden State into a diverse land of economic opportunity.
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