the new school

Allison Coates

the basics

The New School is a college in the heart of New York City, though very similar to the college NYU this school has less than ten thousand students enrolled in this university. This unique school pushes the disciplinary boundaries, where writers meet musicians and social networkers meet sculptors. Everyone comes together to create a better more innovated now and future.
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application requirements and process

The application process is the same for all strands at the New School whether you are a freshman applicant like myself or an international applicant. The necessities you need to turn your application in is :
  • Supplemental Essay
  • Application Fee ($50)
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Counselor Evaluation
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Graded Academic Paper
  • Standardized Test Scores (optional)


Fees vary slightly depending on if you have a dorm, live on your own or with relatives. The cost to stay in a dorm is around $15,150 but this does vary, while living with a relative is of course no cost at all. Now for food, if you are living in a dorm the cost would be ultimately $1,730 but for food cost for relatives would be around $500. All of the rest including books and supplies, health insurance fees, health service fees etc. Also personal expenses will vary as well.

financial aid

Who is eligible for financial aid? Any graduate or undergraduate attending or coming to the New School, the way he school determines if you get financial aid is they look at your financial records and look at your personal finances along with your family's finances. When you get your financial aid letter it is called a financial aid award along with financial aid terms and conditions. These awards are non-refundable.

cool spots to go to

The New School is in the heart of New York city, so naturally there are many attractions to go to. For example the Statue of Liberty, the most iconic attraction to go to. Others include the time square, the Smithsonian museum and many many more.
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what i possibly want to be

I want to major in literal arts and become a literature professor, therefore i would need to receive a bachelors degree in literal arts and teaching, and would need a GPA of 3.8
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