VACURH January 2015 Newsletter


The VACURH State Board hopes that you all have been having a fantastic Spring Semester thus far! During this past semester the State Board has revamped the VACURH website, created a new Fox Mascot, and have been discussing changes to the VACURH Constitution.

Bid and Fox Award Deadline is January 26th, 2015

You can find example bids and the Fox Award guidelines on our website, under the Information and Fox Awards tabs. All bids and Fox Awards must be emailed to

Boardroom Guidelines

  • Only NCC's and NCC-IT's will be allowed in Boardroom (unless someone is presenting a bid for themselves).
  • Everyone in Boardroom must be wearing business casual clothing. This means no jeans, spirit wear, tennis shoes, etc.
  • Robert's Rules must be used at all time when speaking in Boardroom. Here is a refresher site on Robert's Rules (you will also have Robert's Rules on the back of your placards in Boardroom)

Affiliation Checks will be due at the VACURH 2015 Conference

Bring your school's affiliation fee ($20) in the form of a check to Amber Keen Ellis. If your school is not attending the VACURH 2015 conference, mail the check to Amber Keen Ellis at
245 Sycamore Street, Staunton, VA 24401

Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us at our emails or through our VACURH website! - Laura Koepsell - Brittani Parham - Christine Fulgham - Emmanuelle Ingram - Carlton Smith - Amber Keen Ellis