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September 2016

M-Powerment Focus: M-1

This month's m-Powerment focus has been M-1, Creating a Collaborative Culture of Caring, and our Blue Devil family has done just that. Coming together as oneMooresville was an empowering step in this direction to join forces as one united campus with a shared vision and purpose to helping Every Child, Every Day.
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You've Been Busted!

Our teachers have been setting September on Fire with great instruction!

Meghan Andreoli-- a new teacher to the Social Studies department, creates a weekly newsletter using Smore to update her parents on what has happened in her American History II class. Andreoli's newsletters focus on building relationships with her students and their parents. Each week she selects a "Student of the Week" to highlight. Check out the video below to learn more about Meghan's weekly newsletter and click here to view an example of her newsletter.

M-1 Student Newsletters

Instructional Strategy Highlight: The " 6 Word Story"

By writing a summary with a limited number of words, students must focus on the important ideas and become thoughtful in their word choice. The purpose of this strategy is for students to discern the most important ideas and summarize information for any topic by studying an image, video, or article. Click here for a link to the handout: The Six Word Story.

Check out some examples from Mike Kelley's AP US History class!

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"Chalk Talk" with Mrs. VanDyke

"Chalk Talk" is a spin on the traditional way of reviewing information. Students in Mrs. VanDyke's AP World History class worked as a group and used their desks to express important aspects from their reading and to pose questions. Mrs. VanDyke could then circulate the room and quickly see what the groups understood and had questions about. When asked how they liked the "Chalk Talk" strategy, one student said--"It's the best ever--we get to use dry erase markers to write on our desk and then take pictures to help us study!"

Literacy Strategy: "A-E-I-O-U"

This strategy provides scaffolding that helps students look for and remember key ideas about the information presented to them. It also provides a conversation structure for debriefing with classmates and reporting out, in small groups or as a whole group. Click here for a link to the "A-E-I-O-E" Literacy Strategy.

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"Tuesday Tech Takeout" Sessions

Your Technology Team has listened to your concerns for short PD sessions offered during the day on smaller topics. We are now offering Tuesday Tech Takeout sessions during your planning periods in the Help Desk. Check out the schedule below for topics and dates!

Schedule for Tuesday Tech Takeouts

News from the Media Center

Need a change in your students’ learning environment? We encourage you to schedule some time in the Media Center. Check out our calendar & contact us to reserve our help OR our space! Email us at today.

Thank you for caring about literacy and supporting our Back to School Book Fair! As a result of student & staff member purchases, we were able to add 45 new books to our collection.
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Something Motivational

"10 Things Your Students Expect From You"
10 Expectations

Great Resources to Bookmark!

Take a moment to bookmark our MGSD Professional Development, Digital Resources, and Cool Tools Webpages. Explore these sites for new instructional strategies, tools, and ideas for your classes.

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