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Launch Of Two New World Games

Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 9am

Valley Gardens

Whitley Bay

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Game 1

These two slightly different games are made for your enjoyment. To play the games on game 1 you have too try and get a number of stars too award you points but you only have 60 seconds too achieve that and if you don't do that in 60 seconds you immediatley loose your game.

Game 2

On game 2, you have too try and fight off the big fish with the spikes and try too kill them with your power you do this by pressing the space key which shoots out things too kill them, every time you do this it awards you five points. You have too try and find all of these big fish as they are all dotted around the world. As game 1 you only have 60 seconds too play this games so if you havent killed all the big fish by the end you have lost your game!