facts about Honolulu

My dream vacation is Honolulu, in Hawaii. I want to visit this island because, its always the right temperature. also its verry calming. Honolulu is a wonderful place to be antyime of the year. this island never gets cold. it stays warm throughout the year.


  • It is going to take 8 hours an 8 min to get there.
  • Honolulu is 3,787 miles away.
  • i will take isaiah,angelina,kylee,travis,and parrish.
  • we are going to be flying in a plane.
  • we're going to stay for a week, or maybe two.

hotel info

we're gonna stay at the Aston Waikiki beach tower. Its a verry ellegant hotel for people that want to explore the beach. The hotel has an amazing ocean view. we will need to pack a swim suit, sun screen,and more.


my trip should cost around 7,000 dollars. the hotel will cost $550. were gonna have $300 of spending money. the plane tickets are gonna cost $2,00 .