Down on the Farm

Quarter 1 Newsletter

First Quarter Summary

Hard to believe that we have finished the first quarter of our school year. We have successfully transitioned from Engrade to Schoology. At the end of the first quarter, our attendance rate was 96.3%. This is excellent and exceeds the state standard for excellence. While attendance has been very strong, we are still experiencing an increase in tardy arrivals. The late bell rings at 9:25 and students are expected in their rooms at 9:25, not arriving at the front door. Please help us get students into classrooms and ready to learn. Any students arriving after 9:25 need to be signed in by a parent. Additionally, please be mindful that our parking lots and driveways are a very busy place. It is very important that rules are followed and speeds are kept down. We appreciate your help with this.

American Education Week was a success despite our snow changed schedule. We had many visitors and enjoyed spending time with families and friends of Vincent Farm. As we head into the second quarter, we look forward to maintaining our great attendance rate and seeing all of the successes of our wonderful scholars!

Policy and Rule 5470-Creating a Healthy School Environment

Policy and rule 5470 create guidelines for a healthy and wellness based environment at school. As part of the policy and rule, there are specific guidelines for the amount of calories students should consume while at school. In accordance with the guidelines listed in the rule and policy, we are going to discontinue the practice of having cupcakes or other treats that are not aligned with the policy. Any treats sent in to the school will be sent home at the end of the school day. If you would like to access additional information about BCPS' commitment to wellness, you can follow this link to the Office of Food and Nutrition Services. Additionally, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office.

News From Your PTA

The Vincent farm PTA is off to a great start for the 2018/2019 school year! We have already completed two family fun nights, the mum sale and Savers drive. Thank you to everyone who has has volunteered and contributed to our fundraising efforts! Stay tuned to our Facebook page and please attend our meetings to learn about more exciting events planned! Remember, when we fundraise, the funds go back to our kids! We can't do it without you! Looking forward to many successful events!

From the Library

This quarter in library, K-5 students have been learning how to be good digital citizens. All students have learned to safeguard their private information such as address, full name, and phone number, and how to be kind online in order to prevent or stop cyberbullying. In grades 3-5, students have learned that intellectual property is protected through patents, copyrights, and trademarks and are learning to avoid plagiarism. In future lessons, we will dig deeper into how and when to cite sources and practice using Noodle Tools, a citation tool and research management resource available to all BCPS students.

An excellent resource for navigating the media and digital world is Common Sense Media , a non-profit organization that reviews movies, TV shows, books, games, apps, and websites for kids as well as providing advice for parents related to media. In addition, Growing Up Digital, on the BCPS website, provides many excellent resources for parents and families.

Digital Citizenship Link:

BCPL Youth November Link:

Counselor Corner

Notes from Our Nurse

We are asking that every pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grade 1 student have a complete set of clothes to keep in his/her locker/cubby at school. We ask that you include: shirt/pants/shorts/underpants and socks in case an accident or spill happens during the school day. Please be sure to label all clothes and place them in a plastic baggie with your child's name and teacher written on the bag. These should stay in their locker/cubby. If you child uses their extra set of clothes, please be sure to send a replacement set back to school as soon as possible.

Thank your for your assistance and cooperation with this matter.

Sheila Jasovsky, RN

ALICE Drill Training

Baltimore County Public Schools is enhancing its response to an active assailant event. Although this type of event is very unlikely, we want to be prepared as we prepare for all emergencies. In the near future, students will practice evacuation procedures. They will learn how to leave the building and where to meet if evacuating is the best option. They will be offered an opportunity to talk with their teacher or a trusted adult if anything about the discussion and practice concerns them.