Saving the world

There was three crazy guys who had ran inside a burning church to help the kids lives and ricked there's.You wouldn't believe how amazing it was it was like god sent them for haven to help us.

What happened?

One sunny day, Jerry and his family and the commutation was having a school picnic and the first thing they notice was that the place was burning up.The I pony boy heard screaming coming from inside the church ,then I did a dead run for the church, when I got inside i didn't see Jerry cause he was to fat to fit though the door and i fault someone touching me and it was johnny there telling me to come on so we can found the kids.The smoked filled our eyes and we was scared but then the cinders and embers started to fall on us. finally we had reach the kids and they were all in one corner huddled up. Then me and johnny had picked up the kids one by one and hurry them out the window cause the front door was blocked by fire.We dropped the last kids, I leaped out the window and that's all i reminder, i woke up looking for johnny but i couldn't find him.
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Jerry saying thanks

Don't know where them boys where from but I thank that god sent them for haven to helps us and I'm am thankful that they was here and if they wasn't the kids would have been died by now and now my country is happy to called them our heroes,We don't care what they did and what they are called they will forever be our heroes.