People should be truthful and loyal.

Act 1 Scene 1

Benvolio is telling the Monetgues what happened by saying,"Here were the servants of your adversary and i drew them apart..."(997lines133-116). Benvolio was telling them the truth.
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Act 5 Scene 3

Romeo is telling Balthasar to go away from the graveyard by saying,"Be gone but if thou jealous, dost return to pry in what in father to do"(p.1092 lines 32-35). Balthasar is not being loyal to Romeo but he is looking out for him.
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Act 5 Scene 1

Balthasar is telling romeo that Juliet is dead by saying,"Her body sleeps in Caples' monument and her immortal part with angels"(p.1087 lines 18-24. Balthasar is telling romeo what happened and letting him know she is no longer here.
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Act 5 Scene 3 (Theme)

Balthasar tells Romeo,"For all this same, ill hide me hereabout"(p.1093 lines 44-45). Balthasar is being loyal once again to Romeo by doing what he promised him.
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