How to do Division

Division Steps

Steps for doing division

These are the steps for a 2-digit by 2-digit whole number.

Ex: 52\19

If you are estimating:

  1. Round the divisor (19) first.
  2. Round the dividend/whole to a compatible number.
  3. Divide your numbers.
  • Then you start your problem.
  • Put the first number in the house.
  • Divide. How many times can 19 go into 52? 2.
  • Multiply. 19*2=38.
  • Subtract. 52-38=14.
  • Compare. Is 14 less than 19? Yes.
  • Bring down. If there's a digit at the end bring it down. If not your done. Your answer should be 2r14.
  • If your remainder (14) was larger than your divisor (19), you made a mistake. Go back and find your mistake to get your real answer.
  • The steps are the same with a decimal, except do NOT forget to bring up your decimal FIRST.
  • If you are not doing remainders, you are done when there's no remainder and nothing left to bring down.
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