Newsletter 2 Term 1

Onerahi School 18 March 2022

Te Karere o te Tumuaki/Principal's Message

Kia ora e te whānau,

We now have many people returning from isolation and the school is starting to feel full again. This community has been very supportive throughout this pandemic and I would like to pass on our appreciation from the kaimahi. Our teachers and Learning Support Assistants have also been incredible in their ability to stay positive and provide your child with care and support at school (or at home). If you have a chance to thank one of our staff members that has helped you, I am sure it would be hugely appreciated.

Next week there will be a new development on the school field. We have a new obstacle course/playground being built on the Church Street side of the school. It is set up so two people can race through a challenging course while also providing an interesting playground structure during breaktimes. Next term it will be joined by an extension to the forest by the fence, providing more trees for shade, play, and (eventually) climbing. We have also had our new school sign installed out the front of our kura today. Changes like these, both small and large, help keep the school environment a place that our community can be proud of.

With Week 6 completed and the weather potentially encouraging an indoor weekend, please enjoy whatever it is you manage to do (or not do) this weekend. I sense a family midday movie in my near future. Take care everyone.

Ngā manaakitanga,

Danny Hamilton

Deputy Principal

Our brand new, very own, school Waiata

Kia ora e te whānau,

We are very blessed to have been in collaboration with Joby Hopa creating a new kura waiata. It is called KO TE KURA ONERAHI E. The students shared their feelings about the school and asked kaiako and whānau what Te kura tuatahi o Onerahirahi means to them. They then shared this information with Matua Joby. He spent time embracing his connection with our kura to compose this taonga for us. We are all currently learning the waiata and look forward to sharing it with you soon!

Garden To Table

In Room 12 we have been doing the Garden to Table programme every Thursday. We learn about plants and we grow them, we prepare them in the kitchen and eat them all together.

We split into groups and one group goes to the garden, and one group stays in the kitchen.

In the garden we water plants, learn plant names, grow seedlings, get rid of the weeds, mulch, use the wheelbarrow and compost.

In the kitchen we read the recipe, and we follow it. We learn how to use a knife properly, and we do everything by ourselves. We have made Hummus, Imaginary Salad, Feijoa smoothies, Tomato Bruschetta, Nacho potatoes, baked stuffed potatoes and Guava Ambrosia.

It is exciting every Thursday to come to school to get ready to cook and garden.

By Summer-Breeze McGeorge

Kirsty's Corner

Kia Ora,

At the end of last year our kura got a brand new library system. One of the benefits of this new system is a web-portal which can be accessed from school or home:
Students can search our catalogue, reserve books, learn research skills, and link to amazing educational websites.

I invite you to check it out!

Nga Mihi

Kirsty Oliver

Librarian and Resource Co-Ordinator


Our school is located on a very busy main road. On Church Street, we have a dedicated pedestrian crossing, patrolled each day before and after school by our responsible road patrollers and their adult support. We ask that if you or your tamariki need to cross Church Street in the morning and afternoon, in the interests of safety please use the crossing. We also ask that if you are dropping students off, always encourage them to exit your vehicle curb-side rather than road-side. We also suggest that if you are needing to perform a u-turn outside the school, a better option would be to turn into Pine Park Road, and use the end of the cul - de - sac to turn around.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday 09 - Tuesday 22 March - Life Education Trust Caravan learning
  • Thursday 14 April - Last day of Term 1
  • Friday 15 April - Good Friday
  • Monday 02 May - First day of Term 2
  • Monday 06 June - Queens Birthday
  • Tuesday 07 June - New Entrants Cohort Entry date
  • Thursday 23 June - Accord Staff Only Day
  • Friday 24 June - Matariki Holiday
  • Friday 08 July - End of Term 2

Accord Staff Only Days 2022

The final accord staff only day for 2022 will be held on Thursday the 23rd of June, prior to the national Matariki holiday. These days have been important staff development opportunities and we thank you all for your support and understanding.



The sun can burn quickly and easily at this time of year and sunblock is encouraged. A reminder to all parents that in Term 1 and Term 4, hats are compulsory while our tamariki are outside. We would like all of these items to be clearly named, so they can be returned to your children should they be left behind. Each term we do a last call for found property to be claimed or it is donated.


School gates open 8:15am

School begins 9.00am

1st Play Break 11:00-11:30am

2nd Play Break 1:30-2:00pm

School finishes 3.00pm

School gates close 3:15pm

There are two eating breaks within the day, taken at times that suit each class. Please ask your child's teacher when their times are.


Medication: If your child requires medication be brought to or kept at school, please be aware that due to health and safety concerns, this must be kept secure in the school sick bay. It is not to be kept in children’s schoolbags during the day. This is to protect the safety of not only the child requiring the medication but also all other students. All medication requires an accompanying permission/approval form signed by their parent or caregiver. This includes epi-pens for allergy management, inhalers for asthma or any other medication your child requires on a short-term or as needed basis.

Community Notices

Community Notices

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