beYOUtiful Pieces Newsletter

February 2015

This newsletter is just for ladies who are in our beYOUtiful Pieces team. We will Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward everyone for their hard work! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Email and text is best!

Important Dates

March 1st-March 15th - Half off purses continues!

March 3rd-April 15th - Conference Early Bird Registration $99!

March 16th-March 19th - Virtual Office Blackout! You WILL NOT be able to enter orders these dates.

March 16th-April 30th - March/April special goes live.

March 16th-April 30th - 50% off ALL personalization!!!

Top in Sales

1. Tonya Schloemer $1,217.50

2. Amy Howell $233.50

3. Penney Hull $212.50

4. Jennifer Stacey $193.00

5. Rhea Wickelhaus $85.00

Welcome New Consultants

Erica Lanham

Tonya Schloemer

Look Who Qualified!!!

(They sold their first $1,000!)

Tonya Schloemer

Top Dream Builder

Katie Ruschman - Director

Joined: February 2013

Sr. Consultant: November 2014

Director: February 2015

Katie's Stats
This month's parties: 3

This month's volume: $2,506.50

This month's recruits: 2

Entire Downline Consultants: 7

Entire Downline Sales: $2,005.50

The Thirty-One Difference for Leaders!

Thirty One is a humble company – they don’t share many of our awards and accomplishments publicly. But as we grow larger, it’s important for us consultants to understand and be able to share what sets us apart.

The three biggest differences for Thirty-One Leaders are:

  1. Four times greater earning opportunity. More than any other direct selling company in the industry!
  2. The leadership opportunity. Our promotion rate is unmatched – more than 11,000 women promoted in the last year!
  3. Their investment in our business. Thirty One offers countless programs and incentives for us and our teams!

Here are a few more impressive statistics to share:

  • Our average dollars per active Consultant is $6,686 – blowing away the industry average of $1,808.
  • We have higher activity rates and sign up rates – 1.5 times the U.S. Direct Selling averages.
  • Thirty-One loves to reward Consultants with $7.5 mm worth of StartSwell Kits, and $9 mm worth of C&C amenities.
  • We invest over $1 million a year for Consultants on lead generation advertising through social media platforms.

Average Monthly Income

Director - $793

Senior Director - $2,162

Executive Director - $5,491

Sr. Executive Director - $15,604

Nat. Executive Director - $46,127

This can be you too!