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Technology Tidbits for BMS Educators

This week's newsletter focuses primarily on Schoology. These features include ways to communicate with your students, awarding badges, and creating media albums and portfolios. The information below is a great extension to our Feb. 1st Schoology work session and resources can also be found in the BMS Tech Group. As always, please feel free to contact us below for further technology support in your classrooms.

Schoology Student Updates

Polls- You can use the poll feature in updates to gain prior knowledge, quickly give a formative assessment, or for giving entry or exit slips. Last year in my 6th grade classroom, I used them mostly as entry slips so students always expected to check the updates and fill out the survey so I could quickly check where students were at with their work.

Providing Information- You can use updates to summarize your class, or give expectations when there is a sub. I like the video/recording feature of this so if you are out for the day, students can listen to a quick video of you summarizing the day with a sub.

Collaborate- Allow students to post questions so they can be answered by their classmates, like a troubleshooting, tips and tricks space.

Announcements- You can simply flag an update as an announcement so the feed shows up at the top of a course. This way students will be able to see the message right away.

Schoology Badges

Everyone likes to receive awards for their hard work! Schoology badges are awards that you can give your students to support their scholastic efforts, achievements, and really anything else you'd like to reinforce. They are a great way to make everyday tasks more fun! Check out the two articles below for more information about how to use them in your classroom!

Schoology Media Albums

This is a place in your classroom to create albums to organize photos, videos, and/or audio files. Check out the two links below. The first link gives you ten great ways to integrate a media album in your classroom. Last year one of the ways I used media albums throughout the year was for my students to post personal photos of themselves and their families to tell us more about them and to build that social community together. The last link shows you how to set up a media album in Schoology.

Schoology Portfolios

I love this new feature of creating your own personal portfolio in Schoology! This feature may only be used on an iPad browser, not the iPad app. A Schoology portfolio allows students to save a collection of their best and creative work and share the link with teachers and families. Here are some ways to use portfolios in your classroom:

  1. art collection
  2. music-video recital collection
  3. photography collection
  4. PLTW collection of work
  5. 2015-16 Academic work- share at conferences
  6. Science projects

Click on the two links below to see a teacher portfolio I started and more information about how to use Schoology's portfolios. I see our school using this feature a great deal in the future for students to share with their teachers and to communicate more with families.