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Lice Treatments Toronto

Welcome to Nit Works! An innovative, safe, and effective way for lice treatments in toronto. Come and see our clean, modern, state of the art salons with private treatment rooms, professional seating, bright lighting, televisions and activities to keep younger clients busy and engaged. Our “child friendly” philosophy is to keep your family members happy and make the lice removal process fun and informative! We all “panic” once we know that a family member has lice, and we are here to support you until you are lice and nit free!! Our staff of friendly, professional, lice experts have all received training in the Shepherd Method TM of Strand by Strand Nit Removal. The Shepherd Method TM is a proven technique from the United States to treat and monitor lice. At Nit Works we have been certified and trained in the most effective way to eliminate lice currently available. We join a dedicated group companies world wide who are also trained in this advanced strand by strand technique. This process guarantees that we will remove all visible debris after your treatment appointment, and a follow up visit is included in the fees.

Nit Works is proud to introduce to Canada the LiceLogic family of products. LiceLogic is a full line of natural, safe and effective head lice treatment and prevention products shown to eliminate and destroy nits and lice on contact. The creator and founder of LiceLogic, Jill Taft, says “I became passionate about finding safe, eco-friendly alternatives for all of the chemical products we use on our loved ones.” As mothers ourselves, we totally agree! We carry the full line of LiceLogic in our salons for purchase. They are non-toxic, natural, paraben, pesticide and sulfate free and are gentle enough for daily use. In addition, our Nit Works technicians are caring, patient and knowledgeable and will provide you with the information and service you need.

As Day Nursery operators and educators for over two decades, we saw the need to help manage this increasing problem both in our homes and schools. Research has shown that traditional, drug-store treatment options can be toxic and unsafe, and do not treat nits at the earliest stage of development. We have experienced personally and professionally the nuisance and fear that lice creates, and knew there had to be a more accessible and convenient way to manage this growing problem. Through extensive training and research, we are proud to open our doors to families in need and provide the education and products necessary to eradicate lice. Let Nit Works do the work so you can get back to your normal routine. Contact us at one of our salon locations or arrange to have us come to your school or camp. Come and see why Nit Works is the perfect choice to deal with the “lice cycle” and ensure that these pests are gone for good…..guaranteed!!! Nit Works……IT REALLY WORKS!!!!