7 Types of Marketing

Cierra Simpson


Determining the the right price and setting them.

Job- Music artists (Determines a price that is similar to other music artist)

Job- Movie producers (Determine the lowest price but making more than breaking even)

Product Service Management

creating products and services according to the costumers wants.

ex- Computers constantly keep getting better to keep up with competitors.

ex- Iphones constantly keep making upgrades and updates to keep receiving income.


determining where to distribute the product and the best locations for costumers to to buy and use the item or serves.

Jobs- Truck driver ( give products to stores costumers are most likely to buy from)

Jobs- cargo planes (delivers products to a location for it to then be distributed by fed ex trucks)


budgeting, obtaining funds, and helping costumers with facial assistance.

Job- financial advisers (give financial assistance)

Job- accounting (prepare and examine financial records)

Marketing-information management

Obtaining and using information costumers give to better the company by determining what will sell.

Job- Market research management. (analyse data)

ex- taking surveys to determine what the new product should e or have)


Communicating with costumers to determine what they need.

Job- Store clerk (persuades a costumer buy products)

Ex- persuading a costumer by telling them why they should buy it.


Communicating with costumers to achieve desired results.

ex- persuading a company or person to invest in your product or survive.

Job- Public relations