GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week

Winter Porch Decorations

Thank you to all who contributed decorations and helped adorn our Pre-K front porch for winter. The boys and girls loved seeing the wintry changes; we appreciate your support!


This week we will begin our author study on Jan Brett. Today we read, The Mitten. Later in the week we will practice retelling the story using props. Ask your child to tell you their favorite part of The Mitten. Next we will compare Jan Brett’s story The Hat for similarities and differences in the story elements.

Letter S- Make a little Magic c curve. Make a little curve the other way. We will celebrate the letter S on Wednesday, January 13th by wearing "silly socks" with our school uniform. We will take our shoes off when we are in the classroom so everyone can see our Silly Socks. Please help your child be on the look out for things that begin with the letter s when you are at home. It is important that your child make these sound connections outside of school too.


When teaching measurement skills to young children we want to provide lots of opportunities for the students to order objects by size. Incorporating everyday activities and experimenting with real objects will help children understand measurement concepts. Initially, children may just use the words big and small to describe size, without understanding different aspects of size, such as length, weight, and capacity. Help your child become familiar with comparison language, such as short, tall, taller, tallest, heavy, light, holds more, and holds less. Cooking activities are another way for exploring measurement.

We are learning the numbers 6 & 7. Please use the Handwriting Without Tears wording to help your child practice these numbers at home.

6 starts in the starting corner.

6 is a baby bear.

6 goes down to curl up in the corner.

6 is hibernating.

7 starts in the writing corner.

7 makes a little line across the top.

7 says, " I better slide down."

Important Dates

January 13th- Silly Sock Day (wear uniform and uniform shoes)

January 18th- MLK Day, No School