I'm With Stupid

Geoff Herbach

Plot Overview

I'm With Stupid by Geoff Herbach is about a senior that goes to high school in Wisconsin named Felton. Felton is a really fast and really good football player. He has many problems in his life which include his dad committing suicide, his mom ignoring him, his girlfriend wanting to leave America for Germany, and being recruited by basically every college in the country. In this book Felton tries to make himself a better person but ends up bullying little kids, drinking, losing all of his friends, and making all of Wisconsin hate him.

Emotions I felt

For most of this book the author had me feeling bad for Felton. As good as his life looks to everyone on the outside he has more problems than you think. Felton's life is very hard and sad, so I felt bad for him most of the book. At the end of the book everything worked out and this made me feel good for Felton.


The theme I found in the book was that everyone has problems. This amazing football player that is being offered a full ride to Stamford and Wisconsin actually has a lot to worry about. He has as many problems as anyone else even though his life looks perfect to everyone else.


The audience for this book would be all football enthusiasts and anyone who loves a good reality action book. This book keeps you wanting to read and figure out what happens to Felton.