Greek Philosophers

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle By: Charles and Ethan B.


Among the greatest of these Thinkers was a man named Socrates. He believed must never stop looking for knowledge. Socrates was a teacher and also a thinker. Today we call his type of teaching the Socratic method. Socrates taught by asking questions. His questions were about human qualities such as love and courage. Socrates wanted to make people question their own beliefs. But he made people angry, and also scared. They accused him of questioning the authority of the gods. For these reasons, he was arrested and killed.


Plato was a student of Socrates. Like Socrates, he was a teacher as well as a philosopher. Plato created a school, the academy, where students, philosophers, and scientist could discuss ideas. Although Plato spent much of his time at the academy, he also wrote many works. the most famous of these works was called the republic. It describes Plato's idea of an ideal society. This society would be based on justice and fairness to everyone. To ensure this fairness, Plato argued, society should be ran by philosophers.


Aristotle was perhaps one of the greatest thinkers, Plato's student. He taught that people should live lives of moderation or balance. For example, people should not not be greedy, but not give everything they own away. Instead, people should find a balance of these 2 extremes.