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River Place Elementary~~Fifth Grade~~March 17, 2014

Welcome Back!

This Week's Curriculum:

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Block A students (non-pace) did not get a chance last week to take the first quiz from the Environment unit. They will take it today, Monday the 3rd.

This week in science, the students will take the Performance Task which is one component of the District Nine-Weeks Assessment. Our second quiz over Environments will be given this Friday. The students were given a study guide this morning to help them prepare for this quiz. A copy of the study guide has been posted on my homework site.

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Fifth Grade Math:

The students were given geometry notes to copy into their math spirals. They should have this completed by Wednesday. This week they will identify essential attributes including rays, line segments, parallel, perpendicular, intersecting, congruent lines and angles of two-dimensional geometric figures. Other skills that will be taught this week are triangles, quadrilaterals, regular and irregular polygons.

Fifth Grade Pace Math:

This week, the students will learn how to add and subtract different units of measure. They will find the volume of rectangular prisms and construct sample spaces using tree diagrams or lists. Students will review and practice changing units within the metric and customary system.
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A Note From the Nurse:

Mark Your Calendar:

The Titan Trot is this Friday, March 7th.

Cheer our Titans as they complete as many laps as they can during a 30 minute period. This year, the top two fundraisers from each grade will receive a gift certificate for a pair of running shoes. Each participant will also receive a water bottle and spirit stick.

Spring Break, March 10-14