What is in your drinking water?

common chemicals in city drinking water and the effects they have on your body

Chlorine- cancer causing chemical that kills all living organisms.

Chloramine- chlorine mixed with ammonia, also causes cancer.

Flouride-causes cancer and child brain development issues.

Perflourinated compunds-cause infertility, cancer, immune system problems, high cholestrerol

21 more chemicals that scientists dont know Long term effects.

many many more chemicals depending on your city regulations.

Reverse osmosis and what it does

  • Reverse osmosis is a process that takes 93-97% of everything out of the water making it safe to drink and so good you'll have to taste it to beleive it.
  • Proven benifits of drinking pure water. Helps maintain healthy body weight, properly helps digest and absorb nutrients from food, healthy glowing skin, decrease muscle and joint inflammation, naturally detoxifies body, animals and plants prefer pure water! There are so many benifits and no side effects to drinking pure water.

How to get healthy great tasting water at your sink

If you are interested in purchasing a reverse osmosis system and having it installed in your home, call or text cory nielsen at (801) 414-8836 . If you have further questions feel free to give me a call any time.