5th Grade News

Mrs. Burmeister, Mrs. Millonzi, and Mr. Springer

Friday, October 16

Parent/Teacher Conferences

If you haven't already done so please download webex to any one of your devices so you can join in your parent/teacher conference.

Click on the link https://www.webex.com/downloads.html

Download Webex Meetings onto your device, and sign in as a guest with your name and email address.
You do NOT have to set up an account on Webex or pay for any services.
On the day and time of your conference, click on this link to join the meeting

Springer: https://sdw.webex.com/meet/dspringe

Burmeister/Millonzi : https://sdw.webex.com/meet/nburmeis

It will send you to the teacher's meeting "waiting room" and when it is your time, I(we) will admit you into the room.

Conferences will be limited to 10 minutes each. If more time is needed, we can schedule a time outside to meet again. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone of us with any questions you may have.We are looking forward to discussing with you your student's progress.


The students completed and presented their informational article this past week. This article started as a research project, moving into a 5 paragraph or longer article detailing and teaching other 5th graders about their topic of interest. Please ask your child to share their writing.

We started a new unit this week asking the question: How does taking action impact society? We have already dug into the meaning behind this question, reading, writing and sharing our thoughts. In reading, we have been talking about how to discover new books to read and how we can share books with others. Students completed a book talk and a book recommendation for all to enjoy. All students are in literature discussion groups and it has been exciting and informative listening to their interpretations of text.

Fifth Grade Math Workshop

Fifth grade has started Unit 2: Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals. The following are the major concepts that will be covered over the next several weeks.

  • Adding and subtracting decimals
  • Multiplication of whole numbers and decimals
  • Division of whole numbers and decimals

I can targets for students will be:

  • I can add and subtract decimals using effective strategies.
  • I can multiply using the standard algorithm.
  • I can multiply decimals using effective strategies.
  • I can solve multi-digit division problems using effective strategies.
  • I can divide decimals using effective strategies.

Unit 2 Family letter

Students have established their routines with math workshop and has been is in full swing. Please remember to check with you student's assignment notebook to make sure he or she stays current with the math work.

Social Studies

We are currently working on our Geography unit. This unit's focus is on learning about different types of maps and learning the location of each of our 50 states along with knowing their capitals.

Student Absences

If your student{s} will not be present, they still can get the daily lessons and work on the district's Blackboard site or BB9. Student's have used this everyday in the classroom and are familiar with the fifth grade format. Have you child show you the BB9 app on his/her school iPad.

Electronic Assignment Notebook

Fifth grade is still using the PTO provided assignment notebooks, but we are also providing an online version. The teachers update the assignment notebook each morning. Just click on the Week of "date" and then scroll to the day you need.

5th Grade Assignment Notebook

School Counselor, Mrs. Edwards

This month the School Counseling Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson addressed bully prevention techniques. These include when to approach an adult, use of I-messages and assertiveness skills. Students worked to identify behaviors that constitute bully behavior, how to handle these situations and when to seek assistance. The school counselor provides an activity done in class to further learning. Ask your student about this activity and the things they’ve learned from it.

October is Bully Prevention Month that aligns with our monthly counseling lessons.

**Wednesday October 21st- Wear Orange for National Unity Day. See the National Unity Day Guide for Schools

Newsletter (4th-5th)

Additional Resources: Parents ACT Now Resource

Remember the Dates

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, October 21st - School Picture Day
  • Thursday, October 22nd - Papa Murphy's Dining Night - Sunset Location

  • Wednesday, October 28th - Early Release Day 1:40 p.m.

  • Thursday, October 29th - No School

  • Friday, October 30th - No School

Enjoy the weekend!

Darrin, Joelle & Nancy

Contact Information

Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Nancy Burmeister - nburmeis@waukesha.k12.wi.us

Joelle Millonzi - jmillonzi@waukesha.k12.wi.us

Darrin Springer - dspringer@waukesha.k12.wi.us