Kinder Cubs Newsletter

Week Six: September 20 - September 24

Hello Kinder Families!

We are so excited to welcome Brittany Gabriel to our Kindergarten team! Brittany is a familiar face and will blend into our Kindergarten community seamlessly. We understand that changes can be challenging, and we appreciate all of your support at home to make this as positive of a process as possible.

We are looking forward to beginning with new classes on Friday and to seeing you all at Parent Teacher Night on Monday, September 27. As always, we are here for any and all questions and thoughts!

-The Kinder Team

Weekly Learning Objectives

Math: We will learn how to read, write and represent whole numbers from 0 to at least 10 with and without objects. We will extend learning by practicing up to 20.

ELA: We will identify and match the common sounds that letters represent.

We will use letter-sound relationships to decode, including VC, CVC, CCVC, and CVCC words.

We will develop handwriting by accurately forming all uppercase and lowercase letters using appropriate directionality.

We will identify and produce rhyming words.

We will identify syllables in spoken words.

Sight Words: by, my, to, am, at, go, is, man, no, and, can, you, an, has, it

Science: explore interactions between magnets and various materials

Last but not least, we want to reinforce our mantra of the power of play. Kindergarten is a time of great academic development. It is also a time when children form and solidify connections with their peers, develop social skills, and strengthen their ability to communicate their observations and thoughts. Play is an integral part of our day, as it nurtures social and emotional development.

Sight Words Flash Cards

Updated list--please print out to practice at home!

Parent Teacher Night

More information on our Parent Teacher Night on Monday, September 27 to come shortly!

Kindergarten T-Shirts

Look out for an email from your child's teacher by Friday to select your child's Kindergarten T-Shirt size!


This week, please send your child in with the below materials to stay in our classrooms:

  • iPad
  • Headphones
  • Pencil case (one big enough to fit their scissors, crayons and pencils)

Snack & Water

Please send your child in with a water bottle and a snack in a separate container/ziploc/etc. As we are all acclimating to the classroom, separating snack from lunch will make these times easier. We appreciate your help!