Information about Aerugo

by: Alok Acharya 4th Period


The people of Aerugo are of the ethnicity of Thalegord. They are very similar to the Americans. They have almost the same cultural traits as Americans. Aerugons have a very large economy and many people are not poor. Many follow the rules of the country. They eat a lot of food from fast food restaurant. There are many cars in Aerugo. They wear fairly modern clothes but they don't show too much "skin." They eat food like burgers and fries. Their main religion is Christianity, but they have freedom of religion, so any religion is allowed in Aerugo as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.


The education system is similar to the US. Aerugo is begun from K-12th grade. The teaching style is very modern. The grades are based on merit and not age, but school is required for anyone under 18. The payment of school depends on the families annual income. If their annual income is low then the school is free but if its high then parents have to pay. Students will be required to take Math, Science, English and Social Studies class. The rest of the classes will be based on school's requirements or the students choices. They will be able to take electives.


The economy is a socialist economy. It is between command and market economy. It will both be helpful to business and people. Businesses will be forced to make better products for people which will increase company profits. This will also benefit the people because they are assured that they will get quality products. The government will both be lassaiz-faire and hands on which can bring debates. This will not hurt the federal money because Aerugo gets money from taxes. This makes Aerugo very developed.


The government in Aerugo is a Socialistic government. Its a government between communism and democracy. The government will do a lot to take care of businesses and its citizens. It will provide social welfare programs to people and there will a fluctuation of taxes depending on the economy. This makes our country economically strong. People are going to vote for their president. The president right now is Asoarien.


The population is fairly large for the size of the country. It has about 15 million people. The size of our country is about 1,500,000 sq miles. This means that there is approximately .1 million person per sq mile. This can make our economy a little bit worse if there is a population increase, but this still means that the country is developed. This can sometimes make it difficult for some people to live because of fluctuating prices of food and gasoline. The country has a high population rate.