What the Tech?

What you can do with Techsmith Snagit

What is Techsmith Snagit?

Snagit is a screen capture and recording Chrome extension that both students and teachers can use on their devices. You can capture and edit images from the web, record a video of your screen, save the files directly to your drive, and/or share them with your class.

What can teachers do with Snagit?

  • Create visual explanations to review content material
  • Record lessons/directions for students who are out of the classroom to watch later
  • Snag a photo of student work and give audio feedback
  • Insert screen captures into Docs or Presentations.
  • Add visuals to Google Classroom for students to respond, reflect, or review
  • Create digital handouts with images and audio

What can students do with Snagit?

  • Use screen captures or a screencast to show what they know
  • Insert screen captures into Docs or Presentations
  • Insert screencasts into projects
  • Create and share captures or screencasts to collaborate with peers
  • Provide audio feedback for classmates
  • Submit screenshots through Google Classroom to show work
  • Record a presentation to reflect on later

How do we get Snagit?

Use the link below or just go to the Chrome Web Store and search for "Snagit."


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