Book Fair and Fourth Grade

October 20, 2022

Scholastic Book Fair by Mrs. Mhaysie Ruiz

Each year, Mr. Jerome Luna, Miss. Stephanie Nordman and Mrs. Mhaysie Ruiz work hard to promote lifelong readers. Scholastic book fairs are a great way to connect our students to notable books and motivate them to read because of the wide selection available. Students have the opportunity to choose a book based on their own personal interest. Our fairs are not only limited to reading books – there are also comics, activity books, creative pencils and erasers, and fashion journals. Since the pandemic, we were so happy to see parents and students shopping together after school for books. Our school earned 25% in rewards and profited $897.59 from the latest book fair. Thank you so much for your support with the book fair.

Our school community participated in the ‘All For Books’ program where books are donated to schools and community organizations in need. Donating small change, but making a big impact gave the ‘All For Books’ program a total of $51.61…that's not all! Scholastics doubled our donation to $103.22. Thank you for your generosity!

The Anime scene was a big hit with our students. Top 5 books purchased at the book fair:

  1. “Haikyu!! Vol. 1” by Haruichi Furudate

  2. “Disney Manga: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Jun Asuka

  3. “Minecraft: Beware of the Creeper” by Alan Batson

  4. “Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 3” by Akira Toriyama and “Bounceback” by Misako Rocks!

  5. “Miss Quinces” by Kat Fajardo

A special acknowledgement to the following students/families for their donation(s) to the Teacher’s Wish List: Charles Reynolds, Jr. and family, Felix Rumayor and family, Marcella Morales and family, Mila Perez and family, Samantha & Amelia Vega and family, Aaron & Mikaela Vital and family, Ayman, Jenna & Lour Shqair and family, John Eric Mercado and family, Zoey & Micah Arca and family, Reese Ruelos and family, Makayla Fong (‘21) and family, Baylie Ruiz (‘21) and family and the fabulous and big-hearted Mrs. Barbara Reich.

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Fourth Graders Unlock Their Superpowers with Stephen Curry

On Tuesday, October 4, the 4th grade students attended an online “Flip Event” to listen to Stephen Curry talk about his new book, Unlock Your Superpowers. Students all over the world learned more about Stephen Curry, as he spoke about writing a book inspired by his own experience of overcoming doubt and criticism as a kid. He also shared how he used this experience to shape his ever-positive attitude and fuel his own underdog story. Curry answered questions from students who sent in videos and also read several pages from his book.

Fun Facts: His family makes him smile. When Stephen Curry spoke about his favorite foods, he said, “Anything my wife, Ayesha Curry makes.” “She is a chef,” one of the 4th graders said. His favorite animal is an elephant.

When asked about PE teachers: Stephen Curry said he had many great PE teachers. Students said they would love for him to come to our school and be our PE teacher.

The event ended with lots of claps and cheers from the fourth graders, as they heard words of encouragement from Curry: “We all have something to offer in this world. We all have a special gift or superpower to share. It is just the matter of being confident in who you are and who you are made to be. And I wanted to share this story (his book) with the next generation of game changers.”

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