Griffin Post

He is smart 5th grader

Do you know someone that is smart, energetic, and athletic? Do you know someone that has talked to Michelle Obama? Well if you do then you know that it's Griffin Post!

Griffin plays football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. He is a hardcore Vikings fan and like to watch college basketball.

When Griffin was 2 his dog bit him in the eye! He he also liked to ride on his cousin's dog. Griffin has also broke his leg in 1st grade.

Griffin was born on July 16, 2004 and lives in North Mankato, Minnesota. He has one sister named Sophia, his moms name is Brenda, his dads name is Tanner. Griffin also has a dog named Rory and 7 fish.

Griffin plays many sports. He is funny, nice, and kind. Everyone should be Griffins friend!

the end