Janasia Gray

Thesis Statement:

Cyberbullying is a problem because, people are harming themselves and in some cases committing suicide.


Cyberbullying happens through social media many of times. That perpetrators can harass victims via email messages, texts, chat rooms, and other media that can operate on a 24/7 cycle. Technology also offers a powerful shield of anonymity, and bullies can’t be addressed for their actions

"It's hard for victims of online harassment to find a safe haven, since they can be tracked and bombarded constantly. (Marlene Sandstrom)."

Cyberbullying is growing and the law doesn’t seem ready for it. There is no law against bullying and the students aren’t directly breaking any laws. Aside from breaking their First Amendment right, but some would argue that one got the freedom of speech. Even via internet or face to face. Even if the bully is the cause of one’s suicide he nor she can be responsible for one’s death.

" While cyberbullying may motivate a victim to commit suicide, it is only in the rarest case that the bully will be deemed the cause. (Laurie L. Levenson)."


Our government doesn’t need any laws against cyberbullying. Prosecutors can’t find anything to charge a particular cyberbully with, that bully has not committed a crime. The criminal law typically does not hold people responsible for outcomes that are unpredictable.

"Bullies “cause” suicides in the same way that a man “causes” the suicide of a lover he spurns (Paul Butler) ".

The reason why this author is wrong and my side is correct are because, people should a countable for their actions. If the perpetrator pushed them to take their own life. That person should be lead responsibly, in a way he/she force that person to kill themselves. Every tragedy should result in some positive.


The parents, schools, and government should work together to stop cyberbullying to reduce self-harm, suicides etc. School should limited the sites students are allowed to visit on school computers and enacting harsh consequences for using school computers to partake in cyber bullying. Parents need to pay attention to their children exhibit to identify cases of cyberbullying. Parents should talk to their child about what he/she should do if they experiences or witnesses this type of behavior. To stop the future of cyberbullying, everyone needs to take responsibility for what goes on. Its when everyone seems to think its someone else’s problem that issues are ignored and continue to grow.

Emily Osment - Drift (Sad parts)

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